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Exquisite Nail Systems Nail Prep
available in 1/2oz.for superior adhesion use this product before primer.nail prep will totally dehydrate the nail.recommended for people with oily nail beds and when artificial nail lifting.
Stock# 105
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
$ 2.95
Exquisite Nail Systems Primer
available in 1/2oz.this acid based formula is used for maximum adhesion to hold down acrylic.can be used with all other manufactures liquids and powders.
Stock# 106
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
$ 7.95
Exquisite Nail Systems Acidless Primer
available in 1/2oz.used for people that are very sensitive to reg.primer.very gentle formula when using this product you must use nail prep or some kind of dehydrator before applying this product.can be used with other manufactures primers liquids and powders.
Stock# 107
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
$ 8.50
No Lift Primer
available in new 3/4oz-no lift has been the standard of the industry.Formulated to adhere to any acrylic odorless or not.No-Lift Primer works with all acrylic products.
Stock# 114
Manufactured By:No Lift Nails
$ 12.95
Tammy Taylor Non Lifting Primer
methacrylic acid that acts as an antiseptic dehydrator and bonding agent.the best product on the market for making acrylic stick to the natural nail.available in 1/2oz.
Stock# 99AD
Manufactured By:Tammy Taylor Nails
$ 17.95
Gelish PH BOND
PH BOND is used in the preparation of the nail as a dehydrating step. This product is essential in the proper preparation of the nail plate. PHBOND can be used in all types of services including acrylic applications, gel nails, any nail adhesives and tip applications, as well as prior to any base coat or nail strengthener for optimal performance.available in .5oz
Stock# 28405
Manufactured By: Harmony
$ 4.95
CND Brisa Bond UV Gel Liquid Primer
WHAT IT IS: ``Bonding agent that helps permanently adhere gel enhancements to the natural nail.````WHAT IT DOES:````Forms powerful covalent bonds between gel enhancements and natural nails for superior adhesion.````WHY YOU NEED IT:````To prevent lifting and promote longer wear.``Available in a .25oz
Stock# 556829
Manufactured By: CND
$ 11.25
OPI Bond-Aid
Bond Aid helps make adhesion of artificial nail products much easier. This advanced patented formula brings the natural nail surface to the proper pH to maximize bonding of the artificial products and the natural nail. Bond Aid is an excellent protecting primer for manicures.``````````Directions````After pushing cuticles and cleaning nail plates, apply one coat of Bondaid to each nail and allow to dry. Proceed with application of bondex, acrylics, wraps, tips, adhesives or base coat for a longer lasting bond.
Stock# 557000145
Manufactured By: OPI
OPI Bondex
Bondex Acrylic Bonding Agent Provides superior bonding without the use of Methacrylic Acid. One coat produces a strong bond between nail keratin and acrylic without burning, etching, or foul odor.
Stock# 557000146
Manufactured By: OPI
CND Scrub Fresh
WHAT IT IS:``A natural-nail surface cleanser.``WHAT IT DOES:``Cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the nail plate. Leaves behind pathogen fighters, helping to prevent nail infections.``WHY YOU NEED IT:``Improves enhancement adhesion and reduces lifting. Removes contaminants from the natural nail plate, helping to prevent nail infections. Prolongs the wearability of color.
Stock# 5571000324
Manufactured By:CND
CND Nail Primer - Acid-Free
Available in a .5oz bottle.
Stock# 673900
Manufactured By:CND
$ 11.25
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