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Herbal Wrap Sheets
twice the absorption and 50% longer heat retention.69 x 98
Stock# 1500
Plastic Wrap Sheets(Individual Pre-Cut)
ideal for treatments involving muds,salts,and other products.available in already pre-cut 60.5" x 75" sheets.
Stock# 1505
$ 1.99
Plastic Film Roll
6.5" X 275 yds.
Stock# 4695
$ 14.95
Compostable Opaque Plastic Wrap / 833ft
Item#: C5313T.This white opaque compostable plastic wrap sheet roll is convenient and cost-effective. Cut to whatever size that is needed, creating less waste. Durable and multi-purpose. You can get approximately 138 treatments out of this roll, depending on size cut. 60" (5 feet) by 833 feet. 1 mil thick.``PLEASE NOTE:DUE TO OVER SIZE, WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS OF THIS PRODUCT THAT THERE ARE ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES AND THESE CHARGES WILL NOT APPEAR ON YOUR INTERNET ORDER, BUT WILL APPEAR ON YOUR ACTUAL INVOICE FROM US.
Stock# 35800
$ 195.50
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