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Spa Manicuring
item # 1562534602.the first of its kind book will show nail salon owners and managers how transform common hand and nail services into therapuetic beauty treatments vital to the spa experience.learn how to integrate these upscale services into salon or day spa menus as a means of keeping pace with latest industry trends,promoting client satisfaction,and increasing revenue.nail/hand technicians will benefit from the professional advise focusing on how to become client-oriented team players.``key features:``offers new approach to manicures and related treatments to better help spa professionals meet clients needs.``updates conception of nail and hand treatments bringing them into the spa era.``explains how to tailor hand/nail treatments to the individual needs to the client.``includes chapters on massage and aromatherapy.``up to date information of the latest techniques and trends will help nail technicians perform more confidently and with greater expertise.``208 pp.,8.5" x 11" softcover.
Stock# 4013
Author:Janet McCormick
$ 48.95
Airbrushing For Nails
item # the exciting and potentially lucrative field of airbrushed nails!this comprehensive resource highlights the tools,supplies,and procedures involved in assembling and maintaining your own profitable airbrush system.``key features:fundamentals you will need on the job,including airbrush peration,cleaning and maintenance,the proper use of other airbrush equipment,and effective paint color control.step by step instruction on basic and advanced application to easily handle typical problems faced by technichians while airbrushing nails.a wealth of proven marketing strategies to help ensure your now more sophisticated skills are rewarded-with a steadily increasing customer base.``158 pp., 6" x 9" comb binding.
Stock# 4015
Author:Elizabeth Antony
$ 48.95
The Salon Professional's Guide To Foot Care
item # 156253320.written by a licensed podiatrist.the salon professional's guide to foot care provides invaluable information for the beauty professional and,more paticularly,the nail profession who offers foot services and desires to expand his or her knowledge of the human foot.DR.mix believes that in order to provide the best service for the routine care of the foot,pedicurists and podiatrists should idealy work together,a refreshing attitude that enhances his observations throughout the addition to a thorough and easy to understand explanation of foot anatomy,the salon professional's guide to foot care provides a fascinating outline of how the human foot has developed and evolved over time.a full color insert is also included.key features:``how to evaluate a client for foot to use state-of-the-art sanitation pratices and modern professional equipment.when and how to consult with a medical professional or refer a to recognize common foot general diseases can affect the foot.``240 pp., 8" x 10" softcover.
Stock# 4016
Author:Godfrey Mix.DPM
$ 51.95
The Spa Encyclopedia:A Guide To Treatments & Their Benefits For Health And Healing
item # 1562538683.the spa encyclopedia is the first book that explains over 70 spa tretments,their benefits and therapuetic powers for specific conditions.this book examines the different types of spas-destination,resort,and day spas-and explains exactly what visitors should expect from each.the role of physicians and medical specialties in a "medical spa" are included,as are ongoing maintenance regimes.``key features:``16 page,full color,fully illustrated referance section explaining eact treatment-what happens during each treatment,which ailment or condition it is intended for what the benefits are,and what the conditions appendix cross-references each treatment by ailments/conditions for easy searches.a day spa directory,listed by state and province,tells the reader where to find bona-fide spas at home and on the road,cross-referenced by treatments offered.``208 pp.,8 1/2" x 11" softcover
Stock# 4017
Author:Hannelore Leavy And Dr. Richard Bergel
$ 40.95
Spa Therapy
item # therapy offers a comprehensive,exciting and unique look at the spa industry,bringing together all the elements of spas in one educational addresses treatments and issues,which will assist those undertaking relevent courses in spa therapy and the spa industry.``key features:``step by step procedures of current spa equipment and treatments.chapters on the history,physiology and psychology of water plus spa design and marketing & operational procedures.basic health & safety,inc.consultations,first aid,contraindications,spa hygiene and maintenanceis also covered.knowledge review questions at the end of each chapter to test learning.``288 pp.,8 1/2" x 11" softcover
Stock# 4018
Author:Crebbin-Bailey,Harrington & Harcup
$ 37.95
Aromatherapy For The Beauty Therapist
item # 1861526636.this detailed book gives professionals,students,beauty thepists,and aromatherapist onformation on how to use essential oils and aromatherapy in beauty care and beauty lists the skin care properties of essential oils and the beautifying effects associated with them,and shows how they can be used in practice.knowledge review.appendices.index.``key features:``contains everything a therapist will need to know to offer aromatherapy.provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform an essential oil facial.``288 pp., 8 1/2" x 11" softcover
Stock# 4019
Author:Valerie Ann Worwood
$ 36.95
Black Skin Care For The Practicing Professional
item # 1562533525.the ultimate resource for treating conditions unique to black skin as well as techniques on makeup use,application and special care for nails.``235.,8 3/4" x 11" softcover.
Stock# 4022
Author:Angelo P. Thrower
$ 62.95
Milady's Guide To Lymph Drainage Massage
item # 1401824722.lymph drainage massage is a technique utilized by estheticians and massage therapist to provide relief from edema,an accumulation of fluids in the tissues that causes swelling.this book provides a scientifically accurate explanation of the lymphatic system,the theory behing lymph drainage massage,and explanation of when it should be performed.the book also explains the application of lymph drainage massage to the needs of well clients,rather than focusing on pathology,since most massage therapist and estheticians will not be treating lymph edema disease in their work.``partial contents:``foreword.preface.chapter 1:the big picture.``chapter 2:tissues and organs of the lymphatic system.``chapter 3:lymph circulation.``chapter 4:functions of the lymphatic system.``chapter 5:immunity.``chapter 6:etiology of edema.``chapter 7:indication for lymph drainage massage.``chapter 8:principles of lymph drainage massage session.``chapter 10:face and neck treatment sequence.``chapter 11:lymph drainage massage on the trunk and upper extremitities.``chapter 12:lymph drainage massage on the trunk and lower extremities.``chapter 13:cellulite.``chapter 14:energetic and body/mind effects of lymph drainage massage.``chapter 15:using lymph drainage massage with other treatments.``chapter 16:self massage using lymph drainage massage techniques.``chapter 17:healing crisis.``184pp.,8 1/2" x 11" softcover.
Stock# 4023
Author:Ramona Moody French
$ 40.95
Day Spa Techniques
this book has a little bit of everything.history of the day spa,hydrotherapy,showers,baths,massage,aromatherapy,body treatments,seaweed,mud,exfoliation,masks,wraps,and other specialty treatments.``208pp.,8" x 10" hardcover.
Stock# 4025
Author:Erica Miller
$ 61.95
Milady's Hair Removal Techniques:A Comprehensive Manual
item # 1401815553with the many forms of hair removal available today,students need a guide that will lead them through each.milady's hair removal techniques:a comprehensive manual provides the theory and practice of all methids currently used.included are waxing,electrology,sugaring,depilatories,laser light removal,shaving and threading.with each technique,the book explains the evolution of each method,with anecdotal historical information.information on how the method works to remove hair is provided.including the length of time before regrowth occurs and any potential side effects.special considerations for safety and sanitation are outlined,as prescribed by OSHA,with references to the proper regulatory group.the procedure is shown in step-by-step format with photographs and/or illustrations of each stage,with accompanying explanatory copy.``key features:``color photographs and illustrations throughout.``organized by topic to make information more accessible.304 pp.,8" x 10" softcover.
Stock# 4027
Author:Helen Bickmore
$ 54.95
Milady's Waxing Made Easy:A Step-By-Step Guide-
covers all aspects of the waxing process,including material selection/procedures,how to market waxing services,and how to retain customers.``108 pp.,5 1/2" x 8 1/2" softcover.
Stock# 4028
Author:Renee Poignard
$ 28.95
Microdermabrasion (Milady's Aesthetician Series)
item # 1562531719.Description:``This book’s innovative approach to teaching advanced microdermabrasion techniques makes it easy for aestheticians, clinicians and physicians to follow proven techniques. Professionals in medical skin care facilities, day spas and resort spas will find that the case studies and specific instructions for implementing process will give them invaluable insight into performing highly successful treatments.``Features:``Case studies specific to the treatment make the material easy to understand. ``Advanced educational information is highly relevant to today's environment. ``Specific instructions for procedures make it easy to implement microdermabrasion processes.``Table of Contents:``Chapter 1: Introduction to Microdermabrasion Chapter 2: Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 3: Wound Healing Chapter 4: Skin Typing Chapter 5: Fundamentals of Skin Care Chapter 6: Consultation Chapter 7: Indications and Contraindications for Microdermabrasion Chapter 8: Pretreatment for Microdermabrasion Chapter 9: Microdermabrasion Treatments Chapter 10: The Business of Microdermabrasion.
Stock# 4437
$ 50.95
Ensuring an Optimal Outcome in Skin Care(Milady's Aesthetician Series)
item # 1401881785.Description:``This book addresses some of the most important topics in medical skin care—not the technical side of the business but the relationship side. Readers will learn how to conduct a client consultation and the most important components of a client care plan. They will also gain valuable advice about developing and maintaining positive working relationships with physicians. From clinician ethics to patient rights, this book helps the reader advance professionally by educating them about these important components of the business.``Features:``Advice on working with clients and physicians helps clinicians succeed in their work. ``Discussions of client rights and clinician ethics delve into subjects not commonly addressed. ``Table of Contents:``Chapter 1: Consultations Chapter 2: Client Care Plans Chapter 3: Managing Complications Chapter 4: Social Perceptions and Active Listening Chapter 5: Developing a Rapport with a Physician Chapter 6: Ethical Responsibilities of the Aesthetician in the Workplace Chapter 7: The Client’s Rights
Stock# 4441
$ 50.95
Advanced Hair Removal
ISBN 10: 1401881742.This extensive manual provides a modernized approach to hair removal and dispels the rumors, old wives tales, and half truths about hair growth, hair removal, and the techniques that are associated with the procedures. Deigned to act as a resource for students and practicing aestheticians, Advanced Waxing and Hair Removal discusses the must-know subjects of anatomy and physiology; patient interviewing; charting; techniques; and how to grow a hair removal business; and includes patient studies, photographs and recommendations for treatment. Illustrated are the processes of hair removal by following several candidates through different hair removal techniques and provides many illustrations to observe the results. Documentation of treatment plans, interviewing techniques, and patient recommendations are made available to the reader. In addition, the book discusses the use of lasers, who can perform this procedure, how it works, and why it may be the single prong in the hair removal plan for a patient. With its simple, non-intimidating approach, this handbook provides the reader with advanced, updated, and need-to-know information about the hair removal process.
Stock# 9060
Manufactured By: Pamela Hill; Helen Bickmore
$ 50.95
Botox, Dermal Fillers and Sclerotherapy Book
ISBN 10: 1401881696.Botox ®, dermal fillers, and sclerotherapy, one of twelve titles in Milady's Aesthetican Series, discusses the hottest procedures in the non-surgical aesthetics industry today. This guide looks into each and every aspect of these exciting procedures including patient selection, patient satisfaction, and recovery time. All the reader’s questions will be answered and deep discussion of the differences and unique qualities of each procedure will lead the reader to a complete understanding of these cutting edge processes. Included are many thorough case studies, as well as invaluable before and after photos that will allow the reader to actually see results, leading to an enhanced understanding of the material. Facial anatomy is also covered in the book, leading to an understanding of how the facial muscles interact and how the face ages. The reader will be able to determine the best course of action for each patient, how these techniques are better than surgery, and what the results will be.
Stock# 9064
Manufactured By:Pamela Hill
$ 50.95
Spa Business Strategies, A Plan for Success
ISBN 10: 1401881645.Spa Business Strategies: A Plan for Success is a unique, must-have resource for any professional who wants to learn more about the business and marketing strategies vital to owning and operating a day spa. This book takes a thoughtful and interactive approach to the subject matter, and the easy-to-read language and user-friendly format provide the spa owner, manager, or potential spa owner with an opportunity to tackle some of the more important tasks necessary to develop successful business practices. Important business concepts such as marketing, financing, utilizing technology, promoting sales, improving communication, and developing excellent customer service skills are discussed, among others. The author uses thought-provoking questionnaires, targeted worksheets, and practical examples to illustrate key concepts. The text is also focused on encouraging the day spa owner or manager to develop critical thinking skills that will promote solid business practices and sustain the continued growth of the day spa industry over time.
Stock# 9062
Manufactured By:Janet M. D'Angelo
$ 64.95
Marketing Massage, From First Job to Dream Practice
ISBN 10: 141803214X.A practical, step-by-step guide to success for massage therapists and bodyworkers, Marketing Massage distills information drawn from hundreds of interviews with massage school owners, teachers, employers, practitioners, students, and the general public that addresses the marketing needs of virtually every type of massage practitioner, from first-time job seeker to experienced therapist. For professionals starting or growing a private practice or business, this book offers a wealth of information, including the fundamental attributes, skills, and tools necessary to attract get and keep clients. From the basics of professionalism and essential marketing tools to sophisticated marketing projects geared toward a select clientele, Marketing Massage provides the knowledge necessary to start and maintain a successful career in massage and bodywork.
Stock# 9063
Manufactured By:Monica Roseberry
$ 32.95
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