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Chakra Healing
Item #SP7211CD. You are invited to enjoy a deeply meditative, musical experience created to resonate with your subtle energy centers known as Chakras. These seven major energy vortices are located along the central meridian from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are important to the harmonious function and integration of body, mind and spirit. You may tone along with the tracks while meditating on the optimum performance of each Chakra. The liner notes bring to light some of the mysteries of the Chakra system. Two different systems of 'toning' the Chakras are presented along with associative colors, elements, organs, gemstones, functionality, and an affirmation for each Chakra. The music can also be a pleasing background for yoga, healing creative work and other relaxation moments. Contains Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation. 1. Root Chakra - primal support - 8:09. 2. Sacral Chakra - creative union - 7:35. 3. Solar Chakra - central power - 8:27. 4. Heart Chakra - breath of love - 7:54. 5. Throat Chakra - clear truth - 8:00. 6. Third Eye Chakra - light vision - 7:53. 7. Crown Chakra - higher spirit - 7:50 9. Chakra Balancing - merging all - 8:00. Total time: 64 minutes
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Healing the Holy Land
Item #SP7209CD. A exquisite synthesis of cultures bringing together Jewish, Christian and Muslim music of the Middle East. This deeply moving collection of sacred chants and songs reflects a common yearning for peace shared by these three faiths. A refreshing breath of harmony for a part of our of our world that is full of conflict. 1. Peace Song 4:38 - Halla Bassam & Sevara Nazarkhan``2. Shalom 4:35 - Jai Uttal & the Pagan Love Orchestra``3. Aeternitas 4:50 - Lydia McCauley``4. Allahi Allah 5:09 - Azam Ali/Niyaz``5. Lord's Prayer in Aramaic 3:32 - Rafe Pearlman``6. Hide n' Seek 3:37 - Ofer Golany/Musicians for Peace``7. Holy Sepulchre 3:44 - Fadia El-Hage/Vox``8. Shalom Song of Peace 4:29 - Rita Glassman``9. Hu Allah 9:32 - Omar Faruk Tekbilek``10. In Praise of Mary 5:45 - Peregrine Medieval Vocal Ensemble``11. Peace Piece 4:42 - Dean & Dudley Evenson``12. Allahu Hallelujah 7:00 - Gina Sala````Total Time: 62 minutes
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Wood Over Water
Item #SP7208CD. Warm, resonant tones of the wood flute merge with gentle sounds of water...``together weaving a relaxing tapestry of deep inner peace. Soothing flute melodies, soft drumbeats and rattles invoke the spirit of nature creating a tranquil mood. Wood Over Water is the perfect sound environment for massage and many other healing modalities. The music is an ideal background for a spa experience or for sacred healing word, yoga and meditation. We dedicate this music to the original people of this land and their descendents; In gratitude for the unique and innovative design of the Native American flute. Dean Evenson - Wooden Flutes, Keyboards, Natural Sounds``Jason Darling - Drums, Rattles, Percussion``Burke Mulvany - Cedar Flute``Dudley Evenson - Heartbeat Drum. 1. Wood Wind Whirl 6:46``2. Spirit of the Wind 5:04``3. Grounded in the Light 4:58``4. Wind Song 6:16``5. Wooden It Be Nice 5:18``6. Listening to the Heart 3:54``7. Patterns of Becoming 4:00``8. Earth Blessings 4:45``9. Breathing Deep 5:08``10. Free Spirit 5:23``11. Wave Cresting Canyon Wall 3:57``12. Wind Water Flow 4:46````Total Time: 60 Minutes.
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Spa Dreams
Item #SP7207CD. Sound is known to affect us at a deep molecular level. A healing spa is appreciated for its nourishing environment of soft sounds, healing waters and healing touch. Sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson is joined by longtime friend and harpist d'Rachael to create a supportive musical experience that will remind the body and soul of that place within where the source of healing lies. Also contributing to the musical mix are Dean's wife, Dudley, on handharp and gamelon, and Soundings' engineer, Phil Heaven, on viola. A splash of water adds the element of nature to the relaxation experience. May this soothing sound spa support you in reaching a place of inner joy and peace. Dean Evenson - Flute, Keyboards``d'Rachael - Harp``Dudley Evenson - Handharp, Gamelon``Phil Heaven - Viola. 1. Water Into Light 5:59``2. Inner Hands 7:31``3. Lotus Field 4:46``4. Dream of Peace 6:41``5. Sacred Splendor 4:43``6. Liquid Moon 2:51``7. Joy Overflowing 6:34``8. Mystic Flight 7:29``9. Celestial Doorway 8:24``10. Sea of Tranquility 6:43````Total Time: 62 Minutes.
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Spa Rhythms
Item #SP7205CD. Soundings of the Planet is pleased to announce the release of Spa Rhythms, combining the talents of flautist and sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson with the sumptuous rhythm and bliss of SOULFOOD’s DJ Free for the first time ever! DJ Free, the founder and president of SOULFOOD Music, is an award-winning producer and composer who scored soundtracks for IMAX Extreme (Best IMAX Score) and the PBS/National Geographic special Condition Black. The album features Emmy award-winning guitarist Ron Cohen; sax and woodwinds by Richard Hardy; and percussion from master drummer Brent Lewis. Spa Rhythms is a high-energy musical experience of world rhythms designed to move the body and elevate the spirit. Exotic harmonies and indigenous percussion are blended with atmospheric soundscapes to create a global fusion of deep ambient grooves. Flutes, guitar, keyboards, percussion and chant make it great for yoga, dance, sacred movement or just chillin’. It is music designed to be played in the spa lounge or waiting room. Track List:``1 - Vision Quest (5:44)``2 - The Way (6:52)``3 - Espiritus (6:28)``4 - Spirit Flow (6:17)``5 - Mantra (5:24)``6 - Awakening (5:36)``7 - Dreaming Taos (8:45)``8 - Don't Compromise (5:21)``9 - Moving in Time (5:41)``10 - OM (5:48)````Total Time: 62 minutes.
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Golden Spa Tones
Item #SP7204CD. Ethereal tones of Tibetan singing bowls gently soothe the soul like a massage for the spirit. These magical sounds create a sense of relaxation by dissolving patterns of stress and worry. Flute and bowls effortlessly take you to a divine inner place of acceptance, balance and peace. Gentle ocean waves and the Earth Resonance Frequency deepen the experience to a contemplative Alpha state. Tibetan Singing Bowls``The origin of Tibetan Singing Bowls is shrouded in mystery but it is certain that they were used by monks as an aid in their meditation practice. Ancient bowls were an alloy of as many as twelve different metals that were pounded and shaped into bowls. When a bowl is struck by a wooden mallet, a rich blend of harmonic overtones is created. Because of the multiple harmonics, the sound can have the effect of bringing both hemispheres of the brain into synchronization. Whether used in meditation or simply to create a calm, serene state, the clear tones of the bowls bring a sense of harmony and balance. In this way, sound can be the medium that transports a person to an elevated state of consciousness. Track List:``1 - Harmonic Waves (5:39)``2 - Bell, Bliss, Joy (9:19)``3 - Infinite Ocean (5:06)``4 - Sound Is Love (6:21)``5 - Stretch Your Soul (4:11)``6 - Deeper Compassion (7:38)``7 - Mystic Spirals (7:24)``8 - Walk on Water (5:51)``9 - No Boundaries (3:38)``10 - Golden Moment (8:31)````Total Time: 64 minutes
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Magic In December
Item #SP7203CD. Enter a world of sound and enjoy the magic of the holy season year round with these stunning arrangements of favorite holiday carols and original compositions. Vibrant tones of acoustic piano are interwoven with a delicate touch of synthesizer to create these unique instrumental interpretations. Vibrant tones of piano are interwoven with a delicate touch of synthesizer on these traditional carols and original compositions. Share the magic of Christmas year 'round... In this magical album, Hungarian-born composer and pianist Tom Barabas captures the feeling of Christmas through these unique interpretations of traditional melodies that carry the listener through a fantasy world of sound as he weaves the clean tones of the acoustic piano with a delicate touch of synthesizer. "I bring out the essence of the vibration of the music. Everything in the universe is made up of vibrations, and sound is one aspect of vibration. My job, so to speak, is to transform those vibrations to musical notes and give it back, naturally, through my instrument without too much refinement, tempering or filtering." Inner Joy 6:27``Oh Holy Night 4:48 ``(Adolph-Charles Adam) Joy 5:05 (Lowell Mason/Ludwig von Beethoven) ``Magic in December 4:26``Jingle Bells 3:09``What Child Is This 5:02``Pachelbel Cannon In D 7:35``Feel the Peace 5:02``Ave Maria 6:28``The Lord's Prayer 4:51 (Albert Hay Malotte)``Silent Night 5:03````Total Time: 58 minutes.
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Eagle River
Item #SP7202CD. Take an inspiring musical journey down a wild river in the Pacific Northwest. Hear the actual calling of eagles as they feast on spawning salmon who have swum upstream from the ocean to lay their eggs in the calm river inlets and then lay down their lives for the next generation. Seagulls and other birds share the feast, but the eagle is the master. The voice of many rivers echoes across the vast valley. Dean Evenson's soaring native and silver flutes merge with Scott Huckabay's beautiful guitar harmonics, the soothing melodies of harpists d'Rachael and Dudley Evenson and the evocative vocal tonings of Rivers Sterling. A stirring Native American flute duet by Dean and Burke Mulvany plus viola stylings by Phil Heaven and sensitive percussion by Jason Darling are also featured.````Total Length: 62 minutes
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Between Two Worlds
Item #SP7200CD. Fulbright award-winning musician, Daniel Paul takes the rare art of melody drumming on a journey Between Two Worlds, blending the estatic rhythms of the tabla tarong of India with Celtic, African, Middle Eastern and Western instrumentation. Daniel is joined by a rich cadre of musical friends from Deva Priyo of Lost at Last, performing exquisitely on guitar, sarod and berimbao, to Soundings Ensemble artists Singh Kaur with her haunting vocals, Dean Evenson soaring on flute, and Sonic Tribe's Scott Huckabay with his stunning guitar harmonics. Daniel shares his Indian style vocalizations on several chant pieces. With his rich background in Indian classical forms and his sensitivity to western music, he brings a new voice to the world of fusion music. Daniel Paul is one of the few musicians in the world to master the tabla tarong, sometimes referred to as the 'harp of drums' because of the melodic quality of the drum tunings. This set of multiple tabla treble drums is arranged in a semi-circle around the musician in an ascending chromatic scale and is played with a simple tap of the fingers to create melodies, thus allowing the percussionist to compose musical pieces with the drums themselves. The word tarong literally means 'waves' and refers to the almost under-water sounding quality one hears when many table drums are played in quick succession. The resulting musical experience is an energetic and exotic soundscape, perfect for yoga, pilates and sacred movement.
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Imagine Peace
Item #SP7199CD. At a time when the yearning for peace is growing planet-wide, we present this inspiring music - that we may all become 'instruments of peace.'````An offering of love songs to the universe.``Energetic collaborations with sparkling vocals and uplifting visionary music.````Singer, songwriter and guitarist Singh Kaur (also known as Lorellei) shares her stunning vocals and graceful harmonies, collaborating with the vibrant instrumental music of Dean Evenson, Tom Barabas, Don Reeve and Sergey Kuryokhin.````Imagine, composed by former Beatle John Lennon, was performed frequently by the Soundings Ensemble at their concerts. To enhance the sense of international collaboration, famed Russian keyboardist Sergey Kuryokhin added his piano track to the song - perhaps not so coincidentally - on John Lennon's brithday.````Imagine Peace contains new material and has been re-mastered and re-mixed from the original Instruments of Peace; a Billboard-charting release.````It also features a special CD-Rom bonus video of The Soundings Story and the Peace Through Music mission with previously unreleased video of Singh Kaur.
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Sacred World Chants
Item #SP7198CD. This stunning collection by today's leading chant masters is a rich, crosscultural musical journey featuring mantras from the world's major spiritual paths - Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Native American and African. Exotic instrumentation and contemporary arrangements breathe new life into these ancient songs.````Sound healing pioneer, Dean Evenson, has created many well-loved albums that bridge eastern and western cultures. On Sacred World Chants, he brings together spiritual singers from around the world to create an album that is profound and inspiring. Excellent musicianship and diverse musical styles from many cultures enhance this musical collection, making it perfect for yoga, meditation and healing.````When so much conflict in the world today is based on spiritual divisions, this album is a prayer for peace, building musical bridges between cultures.````Featuring:````1 - Ide Were Were (Yoruba), by Deva Premal````2 - Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari (Sikh/Hindu), by Snatam Kaur````3 - Nali (Zulu), by John St. John````4 - Third Chakra: The Orbit (Buddhist/Universal), by Sophia````5 - Shema (Hebrew), by Rita Glassman````6 - Allaho Akbar(Islamic/Sufi), by Manish Vyas & Dina Awwad````7 - Dudley's Song (Native American), by Cha-das-ska-dum Which-ta-lum & Dean Evenson````8 - Kyrie Eleison (Christian), by Lydia McCauley````9 - Twameva Sarvam (Hindu/Universal), by Gina Sala.
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Raga Cycle
Item #SP7195CD. Composer and Flautist Dean Evenson joins creative forces with Indian Sitar masters 'Pandit' Shivnath Mishra and Deobrat Mishra in this masterpiece of cultural blending.````The Mishras, a father and son duo from a musical family spanning seven generations, live in the holy city of Benares, India on the Ganges River. With passion and playfulness, they perform Ragas which are ancient patterns of melodic movement meant to evoke a certain mood or feeling.````The Mishras take traditional ragas and create their own remarkable improvisational compositions, adding a spirited call and response dynamic to their exquisite musical forms. Extending the boundaries of the traditional raga, Evenson's silver flute weaves its spell and beautiful female voices, viola and natural sounds of India enhance the mood.
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A Gift For Mother
Item #SP7194CD. Creative instrumental interpretations of traditional and contemporary hymns highlighted by the sounds of nature. Let these beautiful arrangements of flute, piano and keyboards with a touch of harp, viola and cello breathe fresh life into these timeless songs.````For flautist and composer Dean Evenson, this album is the fulfillment of a dream to record a collection of hymns to honor his 91 year-old mother, Margaret Evenson.````This album is a gift to Margaret and to all mothers and grandmothers as well as to Mother Nature.````Evenson is joined by longtime collaborator, pianist and keyboard master, Tom Barabas, in a mutual creation reflecting the deep meaning of these beloved hymns.
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Mountain Meadow Meditation
Item #SP7193CD. Imagine yourself in a meadow on the side of a mountain. The scent of spring flowers fills the air and the music of flute and guitar floats on the breeze. Birds sing and an eagle flies across the sky calling like a sitar. As you breathe in this natural beauty, you have a sense of deep inner peace.````Mountain Meadow Meditation offers a welcome return to Soundings of the Planet's popular Nature Music Series. This sonic journey draws the listener to a peaceful state through the artful combining of creative music with nature's own symphony.````For people who are interested in enhancing their healing process, yoga or meditation practice or simply relaxing, this music will be very supportive. Many teachers have expressed their appreciation for the music to help calm the classroom enviroment and support learning.````The collaborations of Dean Evenson and Scott Huckabay have proven very successful in the past (Sound Yoga, Healing Dreams, Tao of Healing, Healing Waters, Sound Healing). They each draw from a personal meditation practice to create this deep musical experience.Dean Evenson - flutes, keyboards``Scott Huckabay - guitar``Deobrat Mishra - sitar``Dudley Evenson - harp, gamelan, tamboura``Phil Heaven - viola``Burke Mulvany - cedar flute.
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Sound Yoga
Item #SP7192CD. Calm the body, Quiet the mind, Lift the spirit.````Internationally acclaimed sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson collaborates with outstanding members of the Soundings Ensemble to create music that supports the many aspects of yoga.````Soaring flutes, exotic Chinese zither, Tibetan bowls and trance guitar are graced by meditative chanting to establish the perfect zone for yoga.````Dean Evenson draws from his experience of over 30 years of practicing yoga to create the ultimate yoga session! Almost 70 minutes of exquisite music chosen in cooperation with leading yoga instructors features new music and selections from best-selling CD's arranged in a flowing sequence to support one's practice.````Whether you are a seasoned teacher, a new student or a longtime practitioner, Sound Yoga will bring balance and harmony to your life and daily routine.````Dean Evenson - flutes, keyboards``Li Xiangting - Chinese zither (guqin)``Scott Huckabay - trance guitar``Gina Sala - vocals, chant``Singh Kaur (Lorellei) - vocals, chant``Walter Makichen - Tibetan bowls``Dudley Evenson - harp, tamboura``Phil Heaven - viola.
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Spirit Rising
Item #SP7191CD. Harmony``Now more than ever our world needs to be brought into harmony. These songs and chants from many cultures are shared with a high intention for world peace and oneness. In these times, we look at our world in wonder and humility and offer this music to soothe the soul and make us feel whole again. It's about coming together as one human family with all our glorious differences. May the joy and passion of Sonic Tribe lift the spirit and inspire the dance of life!````Since the creation of their debut album, SONIC TRIBE has evolved from its virtual band roots into a high-energy performing group that brings audiences to their feet dancing and carries them away with soaring rhythm, song and chant. Trance guitarist Scott Huckabay draws from his Apache/Chirachachua roots to create a truly shamanic musical performance. Gina Sala who sings in sixteen languages and is lead vocalist for Cirque du Soleil, lifts the spirit with original soul songs and chants of many cultures. Dean Evenson lets his flute and digi-horn soar with the eagles as Australian native A.B. holds the deep tones of the earth with his resonant and rhythmic didgeridoo.````Out of the Ashes``During one of the recording sessons in the Soundings studio, a special song suddenly took form. Scott laid down a guitar groove as Gina spontaneously poured forth the melody and lyrics to a new song in poetic streams of emotion and passion.````Length: 60 Minutes
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Tao of Peace
Item #SP7190CD. The much anticipated follow up the best-selling, award-winning TAO OF HEALING. This stunning collaboration by sound healing pioneer flautist Dean Evenson and Chinese zither master Li Xiangting builds cross-cultural bridges of peace between East and West. Ideal for yoga, feng shui, all healing arts and anyone wishing to relieve stress and enhance their meditation practice.````Length: 61 Minutes
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Sound Massage
Item #SP7189CD. A stunning collection of music designed specifically to support the benefits of massage therapy. Sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson collaborates with outstanding members of the Soundings Ensemble to create healing environments through the music of flutes, harps, guitar and keyboards. Includes tracks from our best-selling, award-winning Sound Healing Series and Nature Music Series as well as four tracks of new music. A must-have addition for every bodyworker's medicine kit! Both healing music and massage began to have a popular acceptance about the same time. The 1970's were a time of new innovations and explorations into healing and consciousness so when a few pioneering musicians began to create a more spiritual and meditative form of music, it was natural that the newly blooming massage therapy and bodywork professions would discover its benefits for their practice. In addition to a good massage table and quality massage oils, good music became a must-have part of a massage therapist's medicine kit.Length: 65 Minutes
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Healing Sanctuary
Item #SP7188CD. Enter a healing sanctuary of sound and let your soul experience shelter from the storms of life. In this calm haven, deeply soothing music of flutes, harps and natural sounds create healing relief, even in the midst of personal or planetary turmoil. In this place of serenity, may you begin the process of self-restoration and finding inner peace.````We dedicate this music to all who have suffered at the hand of violence. Length: 62 Minutes````1. Peace Like a River 7:18``2. Calming Insight of Ourselves 7:27``3. A Moment to Carry You Forever 8:08``4. Quietly Floating Home 7:40``5. Where the Joys Are 9:30``6. Open Heaven's Door, I Want to Calm Within 7:08``7. Center Of My Heart 6:43``8. Mending Your Own Mind 7:11.
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Music for the Healing Arts
Item #SP7187CD. For over 20 years, Soundings of the Planet music has been used by both alternative and mainstream health professionals to support their practice. The use of touch and movement for healing purposes reaches back to ancient cultures who materia medica and folklore contains methods for hands-on healing.````We are pleased to offer this definitive collection of music that has been time-tested and compiled with guidance from health practitioners. "Healing Arts" refers to a wide range of healing practices: massage, yoga, reiki, tai chi, meditation, acupuncture, feng shui, relaxation, movement...many creative therapies and personal growth techniques. ````Length: 60 Minutes
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Healing Dreams
Item #SP7186CD. There are many theories about dreams. Some think of them as reflecting our personalities, wishes or concerns while others believe them to be prophetic. In their own mysterious way, dreams are exempt from the usual constraints of daily life. They connect us to all things possible. Dean Evenson and Scott Huckabay have collaborated on many of the albums in the Sound Healing Series with their soothing and creative melodies of flute and guitar. They also perform together in the world fusion group Sonic Tribe with vocalist Gina Sala who joins them on this album with her dreamy vocalizations.````Also adding to the mix are Dudley Evenson on harp, Jonathan Kramer on cello, and Phil Heaven on viola. This album introduces the unique tonal qualities of singing bowl master Walter Makichen.````Length: 63 Minutes````1. Awakening Spirit 5:00``2. Dreamstate 4:19``3. Beyond Body 6:05``4. Portal Through The Mind 9:00``5. Visionary Temples 4:17``6. Astral Wave 6:38``7. Soul Journey 5:56``8. Heart Connection 6:07``9. Flowers To Life 9:23``10. Elevate 5:59
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Native Healing
Item #SP7184CD. These authentic Native American healing chants, along with flute and drum, emerge from the depths of the Earth carrying the mystery and magic of tribal people. Sounding Healing pioneer Dean Evenson joins with Lummi Indian spiritual elder, Cha-das-ska-dum, to create a powerful musical expression in the spirit of healing. Scott Huckabay and Swil Kanim draw from their own Native American roots to weave their music into this tapestry, adding guitar and violin. Marguerite and April Which-ta-lum, wife and daughter of Cha-das-ska-dum, enhance his vocals with their beautiful harmonies and Native flute. ````Length: 62 minutes
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Item #SP7183CD. Shapeshifters is the new pulse of world fusion rooted in the ancient and sacred tradition of trance dancing Neo-shamanic drumbeats, the sensuous vibration of electric sitar and wailing woodwinds ignite a spirit of passion, joy and freedom. Celtic, Eastern, African, European and American motifs intertwine effortlessly into an original expression of global fusion and harmony.````Length: 55 minutes
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Classical Healing
Item #SP7182CD. Mozart and much more! Timeless favorites performed in elegant style by Tom Barabas, these compositions by the great classical composers comprise a superb collection of music that uplifts the heart, soothes the mind and nurtures the soul. Length: 60 minutes````1. Adagio (T. Albinoni) 7:07``2. Suite Number 3 in D - Air (J.S.Bach) 4:35``3. Arioso (J.S.Bach) 5:00``4. Canon in D (J. Pachelbel) 7:35``5. Gymnopedio (E. Satie) 5:52``6. Moonlight Sonata (L.V.Beethoven) 6:20``7. Piano Concerto in C Major (W.A. Mozart) 5:21``8. Nocturne in E Flat (E. Chopin) 4:13``9. Reverie (C. Debussy) 6:31 10. Timeless Spirit (T. Barabas) 6:50
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Sonic Tribe
Item #SP7181CD. Middle East meets the Outback in this Passionate world beat offering laced with ambient, richly layered grooves. Trance guitar, didgeridoo, and tribal rhythms create a powerful pulse for exotic vocals, hypnotic flutes and spirite keyboards to weave their magic. An exciting merging of cultures that takes you on an evocative journey of soul and spirit.````Length: 57 minutes
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Tao of Healing
Item #SP7180CD. Tao of Healing is a lofty bridging of cultures through musical dialogue - the flute, the guqin, and the guitar. It is a simple calling of worlds across the digital airwaves. When Dean Evenson of Soundings of the Planet and Professor Li Xiangting of Beijing, China, first met, they recognized each other as kindred musical spirits from opposite sides of the globe, yet communicating perfectly through the universal language music. The silver tones of Evenson's flute mirror the haunting and exotic sounds of Professor Li's ancient seven stringed zither. For the first time since he began recording albuims in 1979, Evenson has not included natural sounds with the musical mixes, letting the music itself communicate the peacefulness of nature.````Tao of Healing is the third in the Sound Healing Series that Evenson has put together. Featured prominently in all of the series in Scott Huckabay whose sensitive guitar fingerings dance across his six strings with a harmonic touch, enhancing the subtle rhythms of the other instruments.````This music is ideal for use in conjunction with the many and varied Chinese and Eastern Healing Arts such as Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and Massage.````Length: 60 minutes````Song List:````1. Gentle Season 6:45``2. Clouds on Mountain 7:28``3. Pond Reflecting Stars 6:13``4. Silver Bamboo 4:22``5. Healing Breeze 4:52``6. Morning Mist 5:48``7. Tao and Then 3:08``8. Deeper Forever 5:56``9. Tree Over River 9:46``10. Bliss in Valley 4:52
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Healing Waters
Item #SP7179CD. Specifically intended to provide listeners with a deep and soothing musical experience, Healing Waters is a confluence of elemental water sounds and elegant, relaxing instrumentation that is perfect for music therapy. It creates a "sonic spa" and is an ideal musical tool to reduce stress, enhance the effects of massage and other healing practices, and as an aid in restoring internal balance.````Simply said, Healing Waters is highly effective and simply beautiful.````Healing Waters, the second album in the Sound Healing series by Dean Evenson, is an exquisitely crafted and spiritually uplifting expression of artistic mastery. The album features collaborations with acoustic guitar wizard Scott Huckabay, harpists Dudley Evenson and d'Rachel, and introduces Chinese guqin master Li Xiangting.````Dean Evenson is a pioneer in the area of healing through sound. For twenty years he has been on the cutting edge of creating Peace Through Music. Healing Waters is a sterling example of combining grace and purpose into a pleasurable and meaningful listening experience. Winner of the COVR 2000 Album of the Year! & COVR 2000 Healing Album of the Year!````Length: 62 minutes
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Tom Barabas Live
Item #SP7178CD. Tom Barabas blends soulful sensitivity and passion in this flawless set of performances of some of his best-loved piano compositions. Recorded live across the country, from Manhattan to the Rocky Mountains, Tom takes his instrumental music to a new level of intimacy and beauty. In the classic style of great, onstage performers, Barabas delivers a musically eloquent experience that builds rapport with his listeners and invites them to fall in love with his graceful streams of sound.````Tracks are drawn from performances at Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Atlanta Heartkeys AIDS Benefit Concert, and the Walton Center in Fayettville, Arkansas. Tom has played many benefit concerts including the American Cancer Society, the American AIDS Foundation, and Heal the Earth as One. He explains, "My music is a gift from God. I feel my gift has to be shared and when I can play for a good cause and contribute to humanity, it is my way of giving back."````These tracks are in their original form and delivered with all the power and energy that only live performances can impart. Tom's talent as a consummate piano artist shines through in what is a quintessential and prismatic listening experience.````Length: 71 minutes
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Peace Through Music Sampler
Item #SP7177CD. Soundings of the Planet celebrates their twentieth anniversary with the release of the Peace Through Music 20th Anniversary Collection. This stunning production includes 18 selections from their most successful recordings and features a bonus CD-ROM that captures the colorful history of Soundings and highlights the many talented artists collaborating with the label through the years. Selected songs include music by co-founder and master musician Dean Evenson, piano maestro Tom Barabas, tribal-trance guitar master Scott Huckabay, Gypsy guitar duo Sunyata, percussion extraordinaire Daniel Paul, and heavenly vocalist Singh Kaur also known as Lorellei. The collection also includes two very special guests, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Native American Lummi, Cha-das-ska-dum Which-ta-lum. Soon after their first release, Soundings began receiving positive feedback from a wide variety of people who were using the music to enhance their personal healing, spiritual, or life process. Even Country superstar and Grammy Award winner Naomi Judd discovered the music to be very effective in helping her to heal from her chronic liver disease. Endorsements came from doctors, nurses, massage therapists, psychotherapists, authors, and teachers who all used the music in a variety of ways - from healing to creative inspiration. It soon became clear that this special style of music had unique powers to sooth. Length: 61 minutes
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Romantic Rhapsodies
Item #SP7176CD. These songs from Tom Barabas create an evocative mood for romance. Rejoice in the sounds of love's splendor and feel the flow of inspiration as Tom Barabas carries you away on wings of passion.````Delicately articulated piano and keyboard stylings are lovingly arranged on a bed of acoustic guitar, saxophone, flute, bass and percussion. Receive this gift of light and devotion, and share it with someone you love. Length: 59 minutes````1. A Rose After Dark 5:09``2. Shades of Love 5:35``3. Moonspace 6:09``4. Lovers in the Moonlight 5:18``5. Adagio 7:01``6. Dolphin Dream 6:41``7. Epiphany 4:48``8. Solar Wind 6:43``9. Riding the Rainbow 6:30``10. Dance Me to Heaven 4:25
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Item #SP7175CD. Trance guitarist Scott Huckabay returns to the mainstream with Alchemy, the brilliant follow up to his critically acclaimed Peace Dance album. Huckabay, a winner of BAM Magazine's Guitar Player of the Year Award, displays his fretboard mastery as he paints a colorful musical soundscape fusing rock, pop, and blues flavorings that dance from his fingertips.``````With Alchemy, Huckabay firmly establishes himself as a distinctive and powerful new voice in the world of contemporary instrumental guitar. Loaded with intricate picking and harmonic mastery, Alchemy captures the energy of Scott's mesmerizing live performances in an digital setting.``````He blends power, precision, and passion to create an innovative six string attack. He explores unlimited musical territory that is highlighted by explosive dynamics, tribal-trance rhythms, and soaring solos. In addition to Scott's trademark solo instrumental sound, Alchemy features several up-tempo instrumentals enhanced by driving bass and pulsing percussion. COVR 2000 New Age Album of the Year! Length: 52 minutes````Song List:````1. Alchemy 3:24``2. Sea Gypsy 3:52``3. Days of Departure 4:08``4. Delphinus 3:12``5. Secret Balance 3:34``6. Until We Meet Again 3:20``7. Supernova 2:50``8. Daydreams 5:19``9. Over the Horizon 3:33``10. Mother 3:52``11. Universal Channels 3:46``12. Two in Love 3:45``13. Bridges to Venus 7:05
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Sound Healing
Item #SP7174CD. Best-selling author and physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, says "I am convinced that stress is the primary cause or aggravating cause of the majority of illness." The American Institute for Preventative Medicine concurs, citing stress as a role-player in both heart disease and cancer - two of America's major killers. Tension in the mind translates itself into tension in the body, and can cause a state of dis-ease.````Conversely, a relaxed body and sense of inner calm are beneficial to restoring health and maintaining balance in the face of disease. Often, the mind needs an extra tool to assist it in finding that balance. The healing power of music is now widely recognized by medical professionals who are discovering that music can help clear and quiet the mental processes, allowing the body to become relaxed. Lower stress levels also help strengthen the immune system.````In his landmark book, The Mozart Effect, Don Campbell states that "by listening to music with longer, slower sounds, one can usually depend and slow the breath, allowing the mind to calm down...As with breathing rates, a lower heartbeat creates less physical tension and stress, calms the mind, and helps the body heal itself. Music is a natural peacemaker."````Length: 63 minutes
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It's a New Life
Item #SP7173CD. Tom Barabas is a man for all seasons. This album expresses the jazzy side of Tom, who is internationally known for his signature style of contemporary instrumental music. Tom's roots are originally in classical music, which he studied in his native Hungary, and later in Venezuela where his family emigrated. It was jazz, however, that sparked in him a sense of musical freedom and thus propelled him into his first explorations beyond classical music. The improvisational aspects of jazz inspired him to think of composing his own pieces. Tom points out that the classical composers - Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach - were great improvisers.````Tom is not limited by musical genres, and today may compose a classical piece, tomorrow contemporary instrumental, the next day a jazz number. For him, music has no boundaries. It is all an expression of love.Length: 57 minutes
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Item #SP7172CD. This music grew from our love for each other. Did you know that swans mate for life and raise all their offspring together? Well, we must be kind of rare birds ourselves as we have been cultivating our own romantic relationship for almost 30 years now!````When we first met in 1968, we never imagined the long and wonderful path upon which our journey would take us. Yes, it is possible to fall more deeply in love with each passing year. And our dear friends and fellow Soundings Ensemble artists joining us on this album also offer their music in the spirit of love. We're all working on a very high level of romance; one where we work gently to keep love vibrant and alive! And that can refer to all forms of love: between lovers; between parents and children; from the human to the divine, and for the earth itself.````So, allow love to wrap you in her many colors. Experience the rapture of being in love with life. And oh, while you're at it, we hope you enjoy the music! ````Length: 59 minutes
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Item #SP7170CD. We live in a remarkable time of planetary interconnectedness. Withing the last century, we have become exposed to the planet's many and diverse spiritual traditions making us aware of the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the human family. By embracing the universal truths that underlie all the world's different religions, we can help to dissolve boundaries that normally divide people from each other, while still honoring and celebrating each person's own unique ethnic, cultural, and religious heritage. May these multi-cultural prayers enrich your own spiritual path and inspire you to a greater connection with the divine source of all life. Featuring: Krsna Prema Das, Sophia, Nada Shakti, Jai Uttal, Rebbe Soul, Lorrelei/Sing Kaur, Musa Dieng Kala, Savae Vocal Ensemble, Cha-Das-Ska-Dum Which-Ta-Lum, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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Back to the Garden
Item #SP7169CD. In 1984, Tom Barabas and Dean Evenson met and played music for the first time at a consciousness-raising workshop in Tucson, Arizona. They recognized that they had a similar style of relating to music, composing and co-creating in the moment. They shared a spiritual connection to music which they felt flowed through them from a transcendental source.````With Tom playing grand piano, and Dean on silver flute, a musical partnership evolved which has resulted in many concerts and popular recordings, (Soaring, WindDancer, Instruments of Peace). Their long musical friendship continues on Back To The Garden, expressing their musical souls together.````Richard Hardy, former horn man for Carole King and Eliza Gilkyson, joins them on this album, gracing many songs with his seductive saxophone melodies and haunting clarinet and alto flute. Not only is Richard an outstanding musician, but a new friend and partner in the Soundings family. Length: 55 minutes````Song List:````1. What Grass Is This We Lie Upon 4:45``2. Gypsy Behind the Shrubbery 4:17``3. Come and See My Stamen 5:02``4. Change the Stream 4:39``5. Droplets of Water 3:33``6. Back to the Garden 5:03``7. Hairpin on the Sunlight 4:08``8. Soft Petal 6:19``9. Mysty Morning Light 5:27``10. Dew Bee Dew 6:11``11. Bedding on the Future 5:36
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Peace Dance
Item #SP7168CD. Scott Huckabay has toured extensively, opening for Crosby, Stills and Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Buffy Saint-Marie, Shadowfax, Jackson Browne, Toni Childs, Sarah McLachlan, Pierre Bensusan, Ram Dass, Happa, Wavy Gravy festival, Bob Weir and Joe Satriani. Stadiums, festivals, coffee houses, the list goes on...````Scott's story is powerful and fascinating. Ten years ago he was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Doctors told him that he might lose all feeling in his right hand and left leg, and that he would not walk or play guitar again - words no electric guitarist has room for. Fortunately, he had the will and desire to prove them wrong and began playing acoustic guitar while he was recuperating. This exquisite new music surged and flowed endlessly. He attributes this music and a year spent with wild dolphins and whales for his incredible healing. It is his mission to share his music with the world to help others find healing, joy and peace within themselves.````"I dedicate this poetic tapestry of life experiences that journey deep within to those who live an open heart of open truth in the moment. There are still many questions unanswered for this quest of unity. Through manifestations and guidance from the faithful sea teachers and friends, I reach a sacred truce inside myself that in every beautiful living breath there is a destiny, love and compassion, giving thanks."``Length: 55 minutes
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Rhythms of Paradise
Item #SP7165CD. Fulbright Award-winning drummer Daniel Paul composes on the rare and expressive tabla tarong, blending ancient classical and modern folk drumming styles of India with western music, instrumentation and influences.````In composing these melodic world-beat songs for this long-anticipated solo debut album, Daniel drew inspiration from the great cultural diversity and natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands where he makes his home. Like the islands, these songs embrace a kinship with all cultures and evoke a love of nature. "I create music with the sincere wish that it help unite the many cultures of the world. I have faith that music has the power to do this" says Daniel.````Rhythms of Paradise offers a musical window into the influences and experiences of a remarkably talented and accomplished artist, and features the work of many of Daniel Paul's most respected musical friends and mentors.````Length: 53 minutes````1. Neptune's Court 4:21``2. Dream Walker 4:49``3. Oceania 5:47``4. Song of the Sea 6:55``5. Rapture 4:14``6. Moroccan Moon 5:19``7. Rhythms of Paradise (Prelude) 3:15``8. Rhythms of Paradise 3:43``9. Magic Island 4:19``10. Forty Thousand Leagues 2:26``11. Tales of the Golden Age 3:28``12. Wave Runner 4:45
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Item #SP7163CD. Both the earth and our bodies are over 75% water. Dancing in a cycle of forms from the solid ice, to vapor in the sky, or flowing as a mountain stream into the infinite ocean of awareness, the water of life again becomes the mist, lifting to the sky and blending with the air. Floating on the winds of change, it returns to Earth again in fluid form, cycles upon cycles of interconnectedness.````"Dreamstreams is an experience of the flow of matter into the center of completeness, the essence beyond, the molecular level of perceived solidity. As the essence builds in lightness and expands in understanding, so too the flow of dreams, of waking knowingness opens us. If what we really know is more than now, our dreams will beam us through, so smooth the glide into eternity.````"The flow of energy and ideas constantly moving through our lives is the stream of consciousness bringing in its purest form exaltation and wonder. This is the infinite, open, anything-may-happen space that we are all involved with. Life is by definition alive, full and kicking, ready to go in uncharted directions for unfoldings of wonder beyond our wildest dreams. Awaiting us is the future, as unfettered by the past as we dare, and as real in the moment as the air we breathe. Breathe in knowing that anything...anything is possible."````Length: 72 Minutes
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Journey: Back to Sedona
Item #SP7162CD. We start our Journey and we travel through time. The Journey has no destination, but along the way we learn to laugh, cry, pray - and we learn to love ourselves. We learn to connect in love with all our brothers and sisters in the Universe.````This album is just one small step in the longer Journey of my life, but at this moment, it expresses my joy and my purpose on this Earth. I thank god for giving me this music to share with you. I hope you'll have as much joy and pleasure listening to and experiencing this recording as I have had in creating it.````I would like to dedicate Journey to love and beauty, bringing joy to beings, beauty like the rainbow, lifting the heart of all who see it and hear it. Length: 56 minutes````1. Journey 5:03``2. Nuages (Clouds) 8:30``3. After the Rain 5:56``4. Visions 5:12``5. Moon Over Sedona 3:59``6. Angel's Song 5:04``7. Kaleidoscope 6:05``8. Circle of Friends 5:06``9. Caressed by the Wind 6:34``10. Reach For Your Dreams 5:16
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Item #SP7161CD. In this era of high-tech overdubs, overlays, and computer generated music composing, Soaring is refreshingly unique in its having been composed and created in "real time." It reflects personal expression merging as creative communication between two mature musicians who know their craft and have something to say through it.````This musical dialogue or "in the moment" composing style flows easily between Tom and Dean, and is what gives this recording its very alive feeling. The mood moves from spacious, expansive pieces to more vibrant and adventurous tunes. ````Tom and Dean are both experienced musicians, each having played their instruments since they were knee-high to a recording console. They bring with them the understanding and depth that comes from years of working on their own personal expression and inner growth.````After several successful collaborations and many concert performances together, they decided to put out a synthesizer and flute release. With the blessing of Tom's wife Bea, the Soundings studio was transposed to the Barabas' living room and the entire recording was put together in several evening sessions.
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Peaceful Pond
Item #SP7160CD. In gathering the natural sounds on Peaceful Pond, we spent a summer traversing the continent from the high Rocky Mountains to the eastern coastal wetlands in search of the perfect pond environment. The term "wetlands" encompasses a variety of wet environments - coastal and inland marshes, wet meadows, mud flats, ponds, bogs, bottom land and hardwood forests, wooded swamps and ferns. Throughout much of our history, such wetlands were regarded as foreboding, dangerous places which had little value.````More recently, however, we have come to realize that wetlands are natural wonderlands. They are among the most productive natural ecosystems of the world. Wetlands are precious ecological resources -- resources that nurture wildlife, purify polluted waters and check the destructive power of floods and storms.````We have recently witnessed increased flood damages and declining waterfowl populations which are, in part, the results of wetland destruction. As wetlands are lost, the remaining wetlands become even more valuable, representing a vital link between our land and water resources.````Length: 65 minutes````1. Memory of Money 3:23``2. Impression 9:50``3. Lily Pond 5:20``4. Fresh Breeze 7:53``5. Lapping In Luxury 4:04``6. Soft Summer Serenade 17:16``7. Water Caress 7:36``8. Welcome To My Pad 5:05``9. Pondering the Lotus 4:58
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Arctic Refuge
Item #SP7159CD. A few years ago we met Sarah James, a remarkable Native American woman who has inspired us with her activism and dedication to preserving her culture and the wilderness that her tribe depends on. We have created this album to help preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the richness of life it supports: the caribou, polar bears, arctic foxes, grizzlies, musk ox, wolves, migratory birds, and the rich culture of the Native people of this land.````"If we destroy the land and resources on which we depend, and with which we live, then we are destroying ourselves. We depend on the caribou and our survival depends on their protection. We cannot tolerate any harm to the renewable resources that have sustained my people and our ancestors for many thousands of years."````Norma Kassi``a Gwich'in leader from Old Crow``Yukon````Length: 60 minutes.
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Item #SP7158CD. Barabas creates an eclectic, high energy fusion of classical, jazz and Latin traditions featuring collaborations with several good friends on saxophone, electric guitar, and flugelhorn. Through it all, on piano and keyboards, Barabas delivers his trademark musical dance of the heart.````"I have drawn on many musical traditions to create Mosaic. My personal style is grounded in the down-to-earth structures of classical music, which I believe have harmonizing effects on the human nervous system. From the integrity of this foundation, I am then free to bring in exciting rhythms - jazz, fusion, or Latin. Each of these songs has personal meaning and is, in a sense, a snapshot of my soul at the moment it was being created. The collaborative efforts of many old friends give to each song a unique mood and energy.````Length: 56 minutes.
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Ascension to Tibet
Item #SP7157-2CD. To gain inspiration for this album we journeyed to the planet's highest mountains, the Himalayas. We experienced the pristine climate and rarefied air of the "rooftop of the world," first flying over and then traveling overland through 18,000 foot passes with prayer flags waving in the breeze.````We gazed up at 29,000 foot snow-capped peaks. As if in a giant time machine, we explored Tibet and Nepal and recorded the sounds and sights of these ancient cultures which we have interwoven with the music we have created. We visited monasteries of chanting monks, drank yak butter tea in pre-dawn hours with temple gatekeepers, played and shared food with begging children and saw peasants singing to their yaks in a barley-threshing ritual of daily life. As we set our sights on Ascension, we aimed for the highest and at the same time were touched by the depths of the human experience. And on a personal level, we celebrated 25 years of being together as a couple by deepening our relationship through this magical, mystical journey of love. Molecules sing and sway with a rhythm of a timeless journey that takes us to the stars and back again. Up through the thoughts of our everyday process, climbing beyond the random lessons of life to the top of our vantage point. Viewing a vista through the essential energy into our own purpose of being and connecting it to our personal lifespan. ````Length: 66 minutes.
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Item #SP7156CD. Lorellei possesses both an inspired compositional mind and a striking, crystalline voice. National music reviewer PJ Birosik has proclaimed her "one of the great vocalists of our time." With the release of Spiritus, Lorellei takes her musical journey to a new plateau entirely - one that is unique and irresistibly magical.````Under the name of Singh Kaur, Lorellei brought her music to a wide audience through the hugely popular Crimson Series albums, recorded with Kim Robertson. Shortly thereafter, she joined Soundings of the Planet to produce her first BILLBOARD-charting album, Instruments of Peace (1988). This was followed by What Child Is This, a Christmas album produced with Dean Evenson. Lorellei has 18 previous albums to her credit, but none of them quite resemble this latest release.````Spiritus: Breath Of Life represents an exciting and accessible new direction for Lorellei and brings the spirituality of her previous music to a mature, contemporary expression. Her heavenly vocals and exquisite harmonies - on focus tracks "Spiritus," "Mind Thing" and "In A Vision Of Love" - make the crossover from new age to adult contemporary. This is a powerfully beautiful and romantic music that will uplift and energize you...with the breath of life.
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Item #SP7155CD. Fumio's music reflects five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, gold and water. These elements are expressed as tones used in the music over and over to represent the natural flow and "the rhythm of the breath of life."````Fumio composes in a slow rhythmic pattern to help create a merging of the inner and outer universe within the individual. Nature's power, balance, and inspiration emerge from these uplifting and energetic keyboard melodies.````Length: 51 minutes.
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Piano Impressions
Item #SP7153CD. Come and experience these free-flowing, inspirational compositions in the mood of joy. Tom Barabas' uplifting and refreshing grand piano pieces enhance inner harmony and enrich the soul.````Uplifting and timeless grand piano pieces that embrace inner harmony and enrich the soul. These well-articulated works take you on a euphoric journey through musical landscapes. The mood varies in each composition, creating an album that is rich and multi-textured.````Length: 60 minutes````1. Impressions 5:24``2. Awakening 8:11``3. Circle of Friends 5:46``4. Traces of Time 5:40``5. Reflection 5:26``6. Crystal Dance 8:08``7. The Time Is Now 6:34``8. After the Rain 5:17``9. Centering 9:58
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Classica Nouveau
Item #SP7152CD. Timeless. Uplifting. Passionate. Rich orchestral arrangements of classical works along with splendid and refreshing original keyboard compositions. Barabas' sensitive, free-flowing style creates a deep, enriching musical experience.````"Classica Nouveau is the realization of a long-time dream of mine to play some of my favorite classical pieces with my style of orchestration. My heart and soul went into this recording.````"I love the music of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin and have included a piece by Erik Satie, the father of New Age piano. My own compositions on this album reflect the richness and texture of classical music with the playfulness and soulfulness of the 90s."````Length: 57 minutes.
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Forest Rain
Item #SP7150CD. The natural sounds of Forest Rain trace a journey following the rivers and streams up the mountain to the very heart of the old growth forest. Lush music reflects the depth and multi-layered richness of the ancient grove. Towering, moss draped cedars are home to a multitude of species. Trees of many ages live in a communion of natural systems, creating a context for the intricate web of life to play out its magic dance.``The music flows to a place on the river where the salmon have come all the way from the sea to spawn in the very place they were born. ``Here, eagles come by the hundreds to feed as the salmon lay down their lives for the next generation, thus completing their life cycle.``Dean Evenson's love for nature is embodied in his musical work which blends natural sounds with his free-form compositions. His vision is "to create peaceful, joyous environments for people on this planet to live in ...bringing nature, music, and humanity together in harmony."
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Desert Moon Song
Item #SP7150CD. Native and silver flutes echo the distant call of coyotes. Harps and synthesizers evoke images of the vast and spacious desert, creating a sense of mystery and inner calm.````Desert Moon Song is the culmination of Dean and Dudley Evenson's 12-year sojourn in the desert and reflects their deep respect for the desert's scared and purifying energies. The music and natural sounds take the listener through the full cycle of a day, beginning with coyotes on a full moon night and moving into dawn and the awakening of the day. The Indian rain chant is by Hopi elder Grandfather David Monoyne. Afternoon monsoon rains and thunder follow. Dusk and evening sounds and a chorus of mating frogs complete the healing circle.````This album introduced the Evenson's daughter Sarah, then 15-years old, who played lead melody on "Grandfather Rain." She and Dean composed the piece together. Grandfather David's rain chant was recorded in 1972 at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden. Dean's wooden flute and ceremonial drum were both personally created for him by Native American friends.````Tracks from Desert Moon Song are featured on the 1995 Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS) documentary "The Way West." The program is produced by Ric Burns and Lisa Ades.
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Item #SP7143CD. Members of the dynamite Ecuadorian band, Malkuri, all come from villages in the Andes Mountains north of Quito, where Otavalo weavings and tapestries are produced.````Malkuri (meaning "Golden Condor") has its origins in the popular group "Nanda Manachi," which is known for its lively renditions of traditional folk music from the indigenous peoples of Latin America.````This music has been passed down from generation to generation. Although the rhythm and melodies have stayed the same for centuries, the lyrics sometimes are changed to reflect the feelings of the musicians, thus keeping the music very much alive. The members of Malkuri are all self-taught musicians, and carry the spirit and energy of their Otavalo heritage. These upbeat and joyful melodies feature panpipes, flutes, guitar, mandolin, percussion and vocals.````Length: 55 minutes.
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Sedona Suite
Item #SP7142CD. Innovative style and creative expressions shine through on this delightful blend of piano, synthesizer, percussion and guitar, creating an uplifting musical experience. These richly orchestrated piano and synthesizer compositions evoke the singular beauty and majesty of the red cliffs of Sedona, Arizona. Barabas' evocative melodies combine with his articulate performance to satisfy both the intellect and the spirit.````"My musical inspirations for this recording were the visits I made to Sedona. The vortex energy, the scenery, the whole feeling about the place was very spiritual... This album reflects that energy I experienced in Sedona."````Length: 55 minutes````1. More Than Words 4:14``2. Free Spirit 5:34``3. Moon Dust 5:29``4. Sedona Suite 12:25``5. Sonata in G Minor 8:08``6. Earthscapes 7:48``7. Inner Peace 7:18``8. Suite Memories 4:25.
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Ocean Dreams
item #SP7140CD. Dolphins and whales weave their melody with the evocative music of flutes, harps, and synthesizer. Gentle ocean rhythms create waves of peace. Ocean Dreams is lovingly dedicated to preserving precious ocean life. The destiny of our planet depends on the health of her oceans and its inhabitants.````Natural sounds were recorded on northern Pacific and eastern Atlantic coasts and Hawaiian islands. Along with seagulls and smaller birds living in the buttes along the shore, you will hear whales calling to each other as well as the chirping birdlike communication of dolphins.````In order to increase our attunement with the planet we have included in the mix the resonant frequency of the earth, which is known to increase alpha state. Winner of the 1993 Parent's Choice Foundation Award!````Length: 60 minutes.
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What Child is This
Item #SP7137CD. What Child is This features the beautiful vocals of international recording artist Singh Kaur (also known as Lorellei), whose lovely voice graces the first five carols: The Little Drummer Boy, What Child is This, Do You Hear What I Hear, Angels We Have Heard on High, and O Come Emmanual.````Her sparkling renditions of these carols are combined with Dean Evenson's flute and d'Rachael's harp, along with mandolin and bells. These new versions of favorite carols are a delightful sequel to our earlier instrumental Christmas recording, Joy to the World, and are certain to bring a sense of peace and joy to all who hear them.
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Item #SP8001CD. A delightful fusion of harp and guitar echo where jungle meets sea, capturing the essence of a tropical shoreline's symphony. Rich harmonic vocals mingle with flute and violin, evoking images of the charm and unity of all life on Earth.````"The music in Coastlines evolved from my personal experiences living in the small coastal village of Yelapa, bordering on the rich rain forests of Jalisco, Mexico. In this magical place where the jungle meets the sea, the tropical wind through the forest canopy and the song of exotic birds with the gentle lapping of the ocean waves inspired within me a deep respect for all life. Coastlines was born from this wisdom.````"I dedicate this music to my mother, whose unconditional love and nurturing have given me the greatest gift of loving life. She also filled my soul with the joy of creating music, allowing me to see the bliss an artist experiences when the music within takes on its own voice and expression, uniting artist and listener on the journey of 'Peace Through Music.'"
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Chakra Meditations & Tones
Item #SP-7221CD.``These award-winning sound healing pioneers have created this beautiful album as an effective tool for energizing and balancing the chakras. The album is designed to be listened to frequently and is arranged so that one can add their own tones to the sound track. It is ideal for meditation, healing, yoga and overall relaxation. Liner notes explain the chakra system.```` ````The first half hour of the album is spoken by Dudley Evenson, whose soothing voice leads the guided affirmations for each chakra – concluding with a track for balancing all the chakras. The second half hour is comprised of musical toning with the chakras and features Beth Quist whose beautiful vocalizations of the chakras reflect the essence of each energy center.```` ````The Hindustani Scale (Sa Re Ga ma Pa Dha Ni Sa) and the Sanskrit Seed Sounds (Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Sham Aum) are used along with the vowel tones (UH, OO, OH, AH, EYE, AYE, EEE) to evoke deep inner peace and set the ground for the rhythms and tones of this mind calming, meditative, body healing, musical album.````Contains Earth Resonance Frequency Alpha waves plus Theta and Delta frequencies for deeper relaxation``ATTENTION: Intended to cause drowsiness. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING.``Length: 61 Minutes
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