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Rubber Mixing Bowls
excellant for professional masks.flexible,non-stick,medical grade rubber.available in 4 sizes.
Stock# 3075
Stainless Steel Bowls
rust proof and long lasting.excellant for sponge or mixing bowls.available in 3 sizes.
Stock# 3076
Glass Sundry Jar With Stainless Lid
size is 4.25" x 7".please note:these jars are sold individually,not by the set as per picture and are not labeled(no writing on glass jar).
Stock# 3077
$ 9.95
Plastic Container With Lid
white base w/cap.
Stock# 3079
Amber SS Facial Masque Bar
#SS905. A highly functional warmer capable of heating several products at once. Three bays maintain paraffin masques at proper temperature. Four separate bays maintain constant temperature for warming facial muds, algaes or other masques. Adjustable heating bowl used for mixing or warming masques or stones. Includes six essential oil slots. ``A multi-functional warmer and mixing unit used to perform warm facial masques, facial stone massage or mix essential oils/blends with masques. Easy to use on/off buttons light-up when unit is active. 21"W x 21"D x 5.5"H.
Stock# 7084
$ 595.00
Mini Lavender Pedicure Bowls / Liners
These bowls fit the Mini Lavender Pedicure Cart or can be used seperately just as a bowl.Made of Durable plastic.Bowl Dimensions are:19 1/2' x 18 1/4' x 9'.Please note,shipping charges are extra.this will not appear on your internet order,only your invoice recieved from us.
Stock# 6000087
Manufactured By:Gulfstream
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