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Cuccio Forte Nail Strengthener
no formadehyde or toluene.natural botanical horsetail grass.the first nail strengthener to guarantee longer more flexible nails.formulated with horsetail grass which acts as an ≥elasticizer≤ making nails more pliable which eliminates cracks and brittleness.available in 1/2oz.
Stock# 161AB
Manufactured By:Star Nail/Cuccio
$ 5.95
Cuccio Lemon Skin Lightning Serum
natural skin And Pigmentation kojic acid gradually reduces and lightens pigmentation with the addition of home maintenance.the first ever lightening serum transforms uneven skin tone age spots and discoloration.contains enzymes such as lemon juice and kojic acid that balance skin by intensively penetrating the skin layers and retexturing as well as aiding recovery from UV damages.available in 1/4oz or 4oz refill bottle.
Stock# 161AD
Manufactured By:Star Nail/Cuccio
Items 1 - 2 of 2