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Cuccio Sea Fizz Effervescent Manicure Sanitizing Soak
sanitizes and whitens nails,softens and conditions cuticles and skin and replenishes moisture.seaweed,jojoba oil,lemon oil,and ylang ylang aromatherapy scent combined in a effervescent ball to make a perfect sanitizing soak.drop in any bowl of warm water to produce a relaxing,soothing and sanitizing soak.the soft aromatherapy scent of ylang ylang will soothe your clients senses.available in 24 or 100 count.
Stock# 161AH
Manufactured By:Star Nail / Cuccio
Cuccio Pedi-Fizz Effervescent Tablets
comes 10 in a pak.each tablet has chloramine T and tee tree oil.drop 1 tablet in any foot bath or whirlpool spa.
Stock# 2096
Manufactured By:Star Nail/Cuccio
$ 7.95
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