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Erica MT-20 Drill
The MT-20 is constructed in a steel case to add durability. The light weight, slim, micro motor hand piece fits perfectly in a woman’s hand with no vibration and little noise. ````• Variable speed from 1,500- 20,000 R.P.M.``• Automatic speed control``• Includes rubber stand``• Fits standard 3/32" shank bits``• 1 year controller warranty and 6 months on hand piece``• Available in 110V.
Stock# 483d
Manufactured By:Advanced Technical Abrasives
$ 409.95
Primo Electric Drill Set ---#1 Selling Drill---
HANDPIECE````•top speed of 30,000 rpm ``•power and torque to spare ``•industry standard 3/32" bits ``•simple quick chuck bit release ``•sealed ball bearings ``•built in cooling fan ``•smooth and cool performance ``•balanced for comfort ``•all chrome exterior finish ``•weight: 8.7 ounces ``CONTROL BOX & PEDAL````•speed dial 0 - 30,000 rpm ``•forward - reverse direction ``•on-off foot pedal ``•switch for 110 or 230 volts ``•5" L x 4" W x 2 1/2" H ``•weight: 3.3 pounds ``Set includes: ````•Primo handpiece ``•Primo control box ``•on/off pedal ``•handpiece cradle ``•spare carbon brushes ``•wrench tool ``Equipped to run on 110 volt or 220 volts.Useable around the world.
Stock# 483e
$ 279.95
Kupa Super UP 200 Drill
Available on in a 110 Volt.The Super UP-200 is the latest version of the UP-200. With technology that has been tested and proven for over 20 years, the Super UP-200 has more power and torque plus a specially designed handpiece holster that can be used on either side of the machine. The Super UP-200 also features an armature driven handpiece made of stainless steel, twist lock chuck for ease in bit changes, forward and reverse modes and 26,000 RPM.manufactures warranty 1-year.
Stock# 483h
Manufactured By:Kupa
$ 415.00
Handpiece Cradle
used to hold handpiece so it does¹nt fall off the desk.
Stock# 523
Manufactured By:CBS Beauty Supply
$ 9.95
Mani-Pro Drill
This powerful but affordable electric file has a lightweight friction grip chuck handpiece, built in handpiece cradle, strain relief cord, illuminated power indicator, forward/reverse modes and a variable speed control that goes from 4,500 to 15,000 RPM. ````The Mani-Pro occupies only 3" X 5" of table space and is stronger, faster and more durable than ever. ``One Year Limited Warranty Included! ``Beware Of Imitations! There's Only One Original Mani-Pro!``only available in rasberry color only.picture is for representation only.
Stock# 3098
Manufactured By:Kupa
$ 141.75
My Lovely Feet Manicure & Pedicure Drill (Battery Operated)
comes with 4 high quality attatcments and a free travel bag.requires 2 AA batteries(not included).contains travel case,trimming disk,foot cone bit,buffing cone bit, and tapered cone bit.for pedicures and manicures.quality results.compact and easy to use.high power motor.shapes and smooths.reduces calluses.trims and cleans.
Stock# 3305
$ 19.95
Mani-Pro Super Max Electric Nail Drill
The Mani-Pro Super Max optimizes table pace with an overall size of only 3"X5". This compact design of the Mani-Pro Super Max translates small size into big power! The Mani-Pro Super Max features or all new KP-36 handpiece, with a high torque coreless micro-motor capable of speeds up to 25,000 RPMs. The Mani-Pro Super Max comes complete with a built in handpiece cradle with bit stand and forward/reverse selector with dial speed control.manufactures warranty 1-year.
Stock# 34412
Manufactured By:Kupa
$ 325.00
Upower Cordless Electric Nail Drill
Introducing the only cordless electric nail file good enough to be called U-power!Everything you expect from a U-power with one major advantage - it’s cordless! ````Now you can take your U-power with you, where ever and when ever you need it. On the road or simply from the manicure table to the pedicure spa the U-power cordless provides unsurpassed quality & performance without compromise. ````• Up to two hours on a single charge!``• Lightweight Hand Piece 0 - 20,000 R.P.M. ``• Includes Holster``• One Year Limited Warranty
Stock# 34414
Manufactured By:Kupa
$ 495.00
UP-200 Electric Nail Drill
Available in 110 volt only.the original UP-200 electric nail file has been the premiere electric file in the nail industry. Manufactured in Japan.the UP-200 set the standard for high-quality nail equipment. The UP-200 also features an armature driven handpiece made of stainless steel, a twist lock chuck for ease in bit changes, forward and reverse modes and 20,000 RPMs.``One Year Limited Warranty Included!
Stock# 34417
Manufactured By:Kupa
$ 405.00
Foot Pedal
Item #V-249.
Stock# 34418
$ 24.95
RPM E-Drill with Primosa Handpiece
Available in 4 colors``CARNATION(PINK);HYACINTH (BLUE);MAGNOLIA(WHITE);ORCHID(RED).Stylish control box with a classic rotary telephone look.Simplicity and conveniece with a stylish flair.features speed and plenty of power.
Stock# 31415
$ 235.00
Mystisa Drill
operates from 1,000-30,000 RPM ``compact size with illuminated indicators ``digital display for precise speed control ``keypad controls are illuminated and are audible ``convenient 6-hole bur holder and magnet in rear ``microprocessor memory recalls previous settings .
Stock# 31416
$ 470.00
Microlab 350 Drill
High Impact plastic enclosure ``Large rocker panel power switch.up to 35,000 RPM. ``Forward/Reverse direction ``Hand/foot selection ``Multi-chuck feature makes collets easy to change ``Dual voltage input 110 / 230 volts.
Stock# 31417
Micro-Cad Portable & Rechargable Drill
ITEM#:MC101.Designed for portability and versatility.``* Powerful, rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack``* 3,000 - 20,000 RPM``* Operated from battery or wall charger.``* Runs 5-7 hours on a single charge.``* Forward/Reverse direction``* Variable and full speed setting.``* High torque motor``* Micro-cad charger included``* Includes leather pouch with belt clip.
Stock# 31418
$ 485.00
Medicool Turbo File II
Item #FANT-191000``20,000 RPM ``Lightweight hand piece ``Very quiet ``Very compact ``No vibration ``Variable speed control ``Forward & reverse ``Locking chuck ``All 3/32 bits will fit this machine ``Hand piece cradle built into the base ``1 Diamond / 1 Mandrel bit included ``100v - 240v ``1 year warranty
Stock# 556921
Manufactured By: Medicool
$ 99.95
Medicool Pro Power 520 Professional Electric Filing System
ITEM #FANT.Medicool Pro Power 520 professional electric filing system. The Pro Power 520 is capable of accomplishing a variety of manicure and Pedicure tasks. Features: 20,000 RPM, high torque, lightweight hand piece, twist locking chuck. Uses standard 3/32" bits. Forward/Reverse. Compact power station.
Stock# 556922
Manufactured By: Medicool
$ 191.65
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