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3-Way Buffer File
available in a 5' or 7' file.
Stock# 270
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
3-Way Shiner Blocks
3-steps to an incredible shine.unbelievable shine,and last up to 2-weeks on nails.
Stock# 4090
$ .99
Ez Flow Snow Monkey Buffer File
Creates an ultra high shine with minimal effort on either Acrylic or Natural Nails. Should be used with Miracle Shine.
Stock# 4403
Manufactured By:Ez Flow
$ 3.95
Flash Shiner 4-Way Block Buffer
Easy. Fast. Just 3 to 4 strokes of each color and nails result in a striking brilliance that will last for more than a week! and an amazing shine!``Step 1-Gray ``Step 2-Green ``Step 3-White
Stock# 557300053
Manufactured By:Design Nail
$ 1.50
Items 1 - 4 of 4