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Wood Boards
7 inch file with no foam in the center,flat oval wood board.available by the dozen or a 50 pack.
Stock# 262
Glass Nail File-The next generation in manicure technology is now at your Finger Tips !--------Sale------
We are proud to present to you a new HAND MADE revolutionary product, which will change the way the anyone would look at nail-files again!Glass nail files can be sterilized with heat, liquid and UVB lighting. The grit of the surface was carefully developed to do the job, that any other file can do, but to do it better, leaving the nail smoother and healthier.Do you find your self having to buy nail-files on a weekly basis and can't quite keep up with the pace.Have you ever wished for having a nail-file which would last forever and never have to replace this item EVER AGAIN! Well here it is ... a nail-file in which, will never go dull, will last a lifetime and will never need to be replaced.EVER! glass nail files, are as the same name suggest very unique in the ever changing and competitive field of the nail business. Our product offers a new alternative to an old idea. The Glass Nail File is made for filing nails including acrylic nails.Handle made of Float Sheet Glass,with technology of a surface chemical breaking which creates a grinding area that will never wear.The grid of the surface was carefully developed to do the job that any other file can do, but to do it better leaving nail smoother and healthier. Welcome to the world of the fine glass product guaranteed to last a lifetime
Stock# 4153
Hygenic Disposable Wood Files
available in 50 packs only.Hygenic Disposable "One Use" wood nail files. Individually wrapped.
Stock# 4377
$ 17.95
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