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12oz Roux Clean Touch
The final touch for every haircolor application! Roux Clean Touch Haircolor Stain Remover assists in removing haircolor stains from clothes. Also removes color from skin and excess color build-up on porous ends. Easy to use simply apply to skin area or ends of hair and rinse
Stock# 27618
$ 4.99
Lucky Tiger® Three Purpose Hair Tonic
There are three good reasons to try Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics Hair Tonic. Our Three Purpose Hair Tonic grooms the hair, stimulates the scalp and conditions the hair so that you are ready for any adventure that awaits you. Keep your hair healthy and neat all day!````Our #1 selling hair tonic since 1935, Lucky Tiger Three Purpose Hair Tonic offers the same scent and tingling sensation on the scalp you remember from the corner barbershop you loved as a kid.availabli in 16oz.
Stock# 281167
$ 6.50
Black Magic African Coconut Oil Sheen
available in a 10.5oz can.
Stock# 281223
$ 3.25
Black Magic African Cherry Oil Sheen
availble in a 10.5oz can.
Stock# 281224
$ 3.25
Pro-Line Oil Sheen Spray
•Moisturizes without build up ``•Gives instant wet look ``•Shines``.available in a 11oz can
Stock# 281225
$ 3.25
Marvy Shampoo Brush
* Color: Rust * All Rubber with knob to hold brush by
Stock# 281226
$ 1.99
Processing Caps / Extra Large
comes 100 in a pak.One Size fits all``````Perms``````Conditioners``````Coloring
Stock# 281252
Manufactured By: Diane
$ 5.50
Glamour Frosting Cap
Individually wrapped 1 per pak.- Reuseable Frosting cap ``- Heavy rubber``- Comfortable ``- Pre-punctured ``- Self-Sealing ``- Protective Brim ``- Great For Natural Hair or Wigs
Stock# 281253
$ 3.99
Conair ExtendaCap Frosting and Tipping Cap
1 needle. Circled guides for accurate highlighting. Neck cover for additional collar protection. Bleed-proof double liner. Sanitary and disposab
Stock# 281254
$ 39.95
2 Wide Hair Dye, Tint Coloring Brush
Sold individually by the piece.
Stock# 281246
$ 1.25
Marianna Eco Foil
500 sheets.9 X 10 3/4 Inch .
Stock# 281247
$ 10.95
Pre-Cut Professional Silver Foil Pre Cut Sheets
Ready to use 500 foil sheets that are easy to fold with unique designs that saves preparation time. They are also strong, convenient single sheet pop-up dispensing leaving a texturized finish. 8''x 5 3/4'' Sheets.
Stock# 281248
Manufactured By: Spilo
Professional Foil Roll 5 x 250
Highest quality aluminum. 250' long, extra wide 5" roll fits most dispensers.
Stock# 281450
Manufactured By: Spilo
$ 5.99
Soft n Style 5 X 8 Embossed Non-slip Professional Foil Sheets
comes 300 sheets in a box.
Stock# 281250
$ 5.50
Soft n Style Make-up Mirror
Item #FAN-SNS-11BK.8" x 9" single-sided mirror.
Stock# 5571000451
$ 3.99
Soft n Style Extra Large Mirror
Item #FANT-7703-BK.
Stock# 5571000452
$ 5.99
Gold Magic Rubber Bands Black
Item #FANT-GM-0020033. 250 bands per pack.
Stock# 5571000454
$ .99
Rubber Bands Clear
Item #FANT-6775.Soft elastic bands will not break hair Color: Clear 250-Pack.
Stock# 5571000455
$ .99
Conairpro Plimatic Hand Held Large Mirror with Pro Grip Handle
Stock# 5571000456
$ 3.99
Soft n Style 2 Bobby Pins
comes in 1 lb box.
Stock# 5571000500
$ 6.50
Soft n Style 2 Hair Pins
comes in 1 lb box.
Stock# 5571000501
$ 6.50
Diane Magnetic Rollers
Stock# 5571000518
Foil Sheet 9 X 10.75
Item#CS95. 500 individual foil sheets.
Stock# 12000101140
Manufactured By:Peak
$ 10.75
Diamond Cut Foil Sheets 8' x 10 3/4'
• Easily Cut In Half To Yield 400 Sheets``• Diamond Cut Design Stops Drips & Helps Increase Strength``• Convenient Pop-Up Dispenser Box``• 200 Recyclable Pre-Folded Foil Sheets``• Made Specifically For All Hair Coloring Techniques & Service
Stock# 12000101141
Manufactured By:Marianna
$ 6.95
6 Color Brushes Neon Collection
Feathered bristles for smooth application and improved coverage``2 wide brushes``2 precision brushes``2 ultra precision brushes
Stock# 12000101142
Manufactured By:Betty Dain
$ 5.95
Colortrak 60 Minute Wind Up Timer
Wind Up Timer is ideal for timing chemical services. Sets from 1 to 60 minutes. Accurate mechanism. Easy to operate and stands up easily on counter. Time all your services including color processes, cosmetic applications or tanning time. Color:Black
Stock# 12000101144
Manufactured By:Betty Dain
$ 6.75
Highlighting Needle
Stock# 12000101143
Manufactured By:Betty Dain
$ 2.25
Large Tint Brush 2-1/4' wide
Item#Tint3LG.2-1/4" wide nylon bristle brush.Sold individually by the piece.
Stock# 12000101145
Manufactured By:Burmax
$ 1.25
Tint Bowl Black
Tint bowl with easy grip handle. Black.
Stock# 12000101146
$ 1.25
Shower Cap Vinyl Bath Mate
Waterproof Soft - supple vinyl. MAY VARY : Pink or Blue.
Stock# 12000101176
Manufactured By:Betty Dain
Chiffon Bath Mate Shower Cap
Item#510EX.Vinyl-lined shower cap with outer chiffon``Ruffled lace trim
Stock# 12000101181
Manufactured By:Betty Dain
$ 4.99
Protector Hood
Item#138EX.Washable nylon chiffon with zipper closure``Keeps over-the-head garments safe from make-up``Protects hair and makeup while you dress
Stock# 12000101182
Manufactured By:Betty Dain
$ 3.25
Shower Cap Satin Bath Mate
Item#5120.Vinyl lined satin shower cap.``Extra large size.
Stock# 556312
Manufactured By: Betty Dain
$ 4.95
Neutralizing Cap
Stock# 556370
Manufactured By: Betty Dain
$ 3.25
Salon Check Pad
Item#DL-C278.````100 numbered checks per pad. 5-1/2"L x 3-3/4"W
Stock# 556372
Manufactured By: Burmax
5" x 3", 100 Sheets.
Stock# 556373
Manufactured By: Marianna
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