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Komfort Wedge
Komfort Wedge (Available in Grey Only)
Stock# 161
$ 16.65
Nail Scrub Brush
Nail Scrub Brush with handle.
Stock# 209
Manicure Bowl
Manicure Bowl
Stock# 210
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
Tooltime Finger Nail Clippers
all stainless affordable,economical product from Tooltime products.same quality as brand name manufactures at a fraction of the price.
Stock# 213
Manufactured By:Tooltime Products
$ 0.99
Polish Corrector Pens
Polish Corrector Pens
Stock# 325
Manufactured By: Exquisite Nail Systems
$ 0.99
Capri Lockable Carrying Cart
tem #CC-C.FEATURES:``High impact ABS construction.``Lockable roll-up door.``Includes 4 trays and shoulder strap.``Color: Black Color only.SHIPPING CHARGES EXTRA.``Dimensions:9"x15"x18"(cm. 23x38x46)``Weight:7bs(kg. 3)
Stock# 557A
$ 102.50
Nail White Pencil
Stock# 3099
$ .99
Sea Fizz Effervecent Manicure Santizing Soak
sanitizes and whitens nails,softens and conditions cuticles and skin and replenishes moisture.seaweed,jojoba oil,lemon oil,and ylang ylang aromatherapy scent combined in a effervescent ball to make a perfect sanitizing soak.drop in any bowl of warm water to produce a relaxing,soothing and sanitizing soak.the soft aromatherapy scent of ylang ylang will soothe your clients senses.available in 24 or 100 count.
Stock# 3103
Manufactured By:Star Nail / Cuccio
Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend
hydrating treatment for hands and feet.apply to hands,feet or body and massage in for silky skin.non-oily formula.can be used for pedicure services.comes in a 8oz container.
Stock# 3116
Manufactured By:Star Nail / Cuccio
$ 7.85
Finger Spa Wearable Nail Soakers
comes 10 in a pak.1 for each finger.soak 1 finger at a time or all ten.customer breaks a nail,instead of soaking the whole hand in bowl of acetone,soak the 1 nail only that you need to,or can be used with manicure lotions,nail whiteners,fungus treatment,cuticle treatments,nail nutients or sterilization treatment.
Stock# 3370
$ 9.99
Whirlpool Nail Bubble Spa
micro-bubble water massage.sleek,elegant,compactdesign to fit all nail stations.lightweight and portable.ergonomic hand and wrists rest,large water reservoir with on/off control switch.battery opearated and or electric cord also comes with it to plug in wall and use electrically.
Stock# 3387
$ 19.99
sanding sticks
great new tool for hard to reach areas.available in four fun neon colors,green,pink,yellow and purple.comes a dozen sticks in assorted colors.
Stock# 3388
$ 1.59
Soak Off Trays
can be used with acetone or any soak off solution.they come 2 trays in a pack.
Stock# 3390
$ 1.99
Birchwood Stix
Birchwood Stix - Qty. 12
Stock# 12000908
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
$ .49
Manicure Cups
pack of 25.Used for manicure lotion warming machines
Stock# 211
$ 2.99
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