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Hands Down Polish Remover Pads
Hands Down Polish Remover Pads
Stock# 343
Manufactured By:Graham
$ 3.99
100% Cotton
available in 1lb roll,1200 feet non-reinforced or 100% cotton balls.all non- reinforced,no string in middle.lint-free.PLEASE NOTE:WHEN ORDERING 15 OR MORE ROLLS OF 1LB COTTON AT A TIME THERE WILL BE ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES ON YOUR ORDER AND WILL NOT PERTAIN TO THE FREE SHIPPING POLICY ON-LINE.
Stock# 415
2 X 2 Non Woven Cotton Or 2 X 2 Gauze Square Pads(Wipes)
(Gauze)Its gauze surface is highly abrasive while the cotton filling provides exceptional absorbency. A quick and economical tool for efficient polish removal. 2x2 pads. Use for polish removal, exfoliating skin, astringents/toners. (Non woven Cotton Wipe)This medical-grade wipe provides a high degree of absorbency in a lint-free nonwoven design. Opens from 2x2 4-ply to a 4x4 single-ply. Use as a nail wipe or instrument cleaner, or for skin services. 200 pads/sleeve.25 sleeves/case.
Stock# 416
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