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comes in a ziploc bag.
Stock# 868gh
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
$ .99
Striping Tape
roll of 1/64 width.``HOW TO APPLY STRIPING TAPE:````1) Cut or peel off length of tape longer than the nail you are working on and place onto tacky nail polish.````2) Using nippers, NOT scissors, cut off the excess from the back edge of the nail and press the edge into polish.````3) Cut off the excess from the free edge of the nail approximately 1/16 in from the edge. Using the point of the nippers, press the end into the polish.````4) Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 until the desired effect is complete.````5) Coat the entire nail LIGHTLY with top coat. Apply a second coat if necessary. (Applying a THICK layer of top coat will cause lifting).
Stock# 868gi
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
$ 2.00
comes in a ziplock bag.
Stock# 868gj
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
$ 1.99
Stock# 3350
$ 2.50
Small Glass Beads
comes in jar.
Stock# 3354
$ 2.50
Nail Art Additives (12 Assorted Colors) For Gels
add any color or glitter to any gel to make the color you want.get a "FREE"Exquisite Nail Systems 1oz clear U.V.Gel & Gel Brush with purchase
Stock# 4156
$ 29.95
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