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Belava Heater/Massager Unit
includes a complimentary pedicure tub and 5 disposable liners. ``Compact and modern, the stylish massager unit makes the Belava system the most versatile perdicure system on the market. Give clients a truly luxurious spa-like experience with three levels of soothing vibration and two levels of relaxing heat. Use with the tubs and liners for a worry-free pedicure. ````Features:``**Can be used seperately for a dry massage or combined with Belava pedicure tub and disposable liners to enhance the pedicure soaking process ``**Comes with complementary pedicure tub and 5 disposable liners ``**Automatic shut off saftey features ``**Anti-splash control ``**Designed for heavy use ``**Reliable and sturdy ``**ETL listed ``**1 year limited warranty
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Belava Disposable Liners
comes 100 to a pack.The innovative liner guarantee a worry-free salon visit for every client. They are recyclable (3) and shaped to fit snugly in the pedicure tub. Save time between clients bu simply tossing the liner out after each client and replacing with a new one. With the liner both you and your clients can sit back, relax, and truly enjoy the pedicure. ``**Easy to comply with the sanitation requirements. ``**Remove the need to clean and scrub with harsh chemicals. ``**Easy to store. ``**Textured to enhance pedicur
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