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Sanitizable foot paddles
shaped like a foot. Used to remove calluses.affordable and sanitizable.
Stock# 455
Heavy Duty Paddles(Red)
knockoff of original red paddle.economical and affordable.used to smooth away calluses.
Stock# 456
Earth Stone Lava Pumice
100% sanitizable.enhances day spa pedicure.lightweight,floats in water.can be immersed in any sanitizing liquid for solution.
Stock# 467a
$ 2.99
Swedish Foot File(The Original)
totally reusable and disenfectable.use over and over,it goes along way.the original sanitizable pedicure paddle in red by flowery.
Stock# 3109
Manufactured By:Flowery
$ 8.75
The Curve Pedicure Foot File
the inside part of this file removes the roughness from heels and borders of feet.the outside part works on the sole of the feet.
Stock# 9134
$ 5.50
Mr.Pumice Pumi Bar
1 Side Pumice``with Ridges,1 Side Flat``4" Long.
Stock# 9645
Manufactured By:Mr.Pumice
$ .99
Mr.Pumice Purple Pumi Bar
Extra Coarse,1 Side Ridges,``1 Side Flat,``5" Extra Long.
Stock# 9644
Manufactured By:Mr.Pumice
$ 1.25
Mr.Pumice Ultimate Pumi Bar
2 in 1.``Purple-Coarse / Lavender-Medium.``5" Extra Long
Stock# 9646
Manufactured By:Mr.Pumice
$ 1.45
Professional Jumbo Foot Rasp
This tool was specially designed to make the process of removing dry skin and calluses from the foot and heel a breeze.``To Use-There is no need to pre-soak feet prior to using this tool.It has been developed to be used on dry skin.``Align the tool with the blade side to the area that is to be worked on.Gently pass the tool back and forth on the area, slowly apply more pressure unitil the callus or dry skin is removed.Never use this tool in a side to side motion,only in a up and down motion.``To Clean-Rinse it under warm running water.Make sure to rinse away the debris or particles left on the blade.Place the tool in a container of sterilizing solution and soak for a minimum of 15 minutes.Remove tool and rinse away all the sterilizing solution and any debris on tool.Allow to dry.
Stock# 6000050
$ 4.95
Diane European Foot File
Item #D932.European Foot File with Beechwood``2 sided file``1 coarse side / 1 smooth side``Use wet or dry
Stock# 55710001187
Manufactured By:Diane
$ 3.95
OPI Professional Pedicure Foot File
Contains two files White 80 grit reduces calluses and Green 120 grit smoothes.``Quickly reduces and smoothes calluses``Large working surface is reversible``Easy-Grip handle makes maneuvering and filing easy to do.
Stock# 674000
Manufactured By:OPI
$ 14.95
OPI Professional Pedicure Disinfectable Foot File Disposable Strips
The OPI Foot File features a fully disinfectable paddle and handle. The paddle offers a large professional working surface that allows you to cover more area to work faster with less effort.````The easy-grip handle is contoured for comfort and locks easily into place. And the surface is recessed for edgeless performance. Now with OPI Grip Strips, the OPI Foot File gets you one step closer to the cleanest, most sanitary pedicure services!````Economicall Pedicure Grit Strips are easily applied and removed``Coarse 8-Grit Strip quickly reduces calluses``Medium 120-Grit Strip buffs skin to a perfectly smooth finish``Available in 20 count replacement packs``Fully disinfectable``Larger working surface than any other professional file for faster callus removal``Recessed surface for edgeless performance``Contoured, easy-grip handle``Handle snaps and locks easily in place into either end of paddle.
Stock# 674001
Manufactured By:OPI
$ 14.95
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