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Foot Soak
Foot Soak 8oz & gallon-this soothing peppermint scented product cleans and refreshes.add 2oz per gallon to luke warm water.soak foot for 15 minutes and wash off with fresh water.leaves foot fresh and smelling good.
Stock# 468
Rock Salt(Dead Sea Salts)
Rock Salt 48oz or gallon size-foot bath treatment with menthol and camphor,peppermint and eucalyptus oil.a blue colored salt softening,hydrating foot bath treatment containing camphor and menthol crystals.por a small amount of rock salts(about a jar cap full)and agitate solution until rock salt is completely dissolved.please note there will be an additional ship charge according to weight on the 12lb(gallon)sizes which will not appear on your internet will appear on the invoice sent with your package.
Stock# 473
Cuccio Pedi-Fizz Effervescent Tablets
comes 10 in a pak.each tablet has chloramine T and tee tree oil.drop 1 tablet in any foot bath or whirlpool spa.
Stock# 2082
Manufactured By:Star Nail / Cuccio
$ 7.95
Sanitizable Pedicure Tablets
comes 150 to a pak.Eliminates bacteria, fungi, and viruses, killes 99.99% bacteria, viruses and athlete's foot fungus. Sanitizable Pedicure Tablets protects both you and your clients from germs and viruses. ``Directions:``drop 1 tablet into 7 gallons water. Agitate to dissolve, Warm water is recommended for fast dissolving.
Stock# 6000090
$ 19.95
SpaRedi Spa Cleaner 1 Gallon
Spa Redi products are created with the highest quality ingredients and specially formulated for professional use only. Pedi Spa Cleaner is a blend of selected surfactant and cleaners that gently emulsify and remove scum line, dirt, oil and grease from whirlpool spas. Safe on spa pump, pipes and valves. Gallon.
Stock# 556621
$ 15.00
OPI Manicure / Pedicure Tropical Citrus Soak
Purifying soak with coconut and citrus extracts.``Soothes your feet and hands, while coconut extract helps soften and citrus extracts help invigorate!Available in a 8.5oz tube.
Stock# 556248
Manufactured By: OPI
$ 8.95
OPI Manicure / Pedicure Cucumber Soak
Purifying soak with cucumber extracts. Botanical extracts soften hands and feet, while cucumber and antioxidant pineapple extracts help soothe. More info: Cools and renews the feet with a blend of cucumber and pineapple.Available in a 8.5oz tube.
Stock# 556249
Manufactured By: OPI
$ 8.95
CND Marine Salt Scrub
gently exfoliates and polishes the skin, with sunflower oil to soften and vitamin E to neutralize and moisturize. Available in a 18oz.
Stock# 556262
Manufactured By: CND
$ 21.75
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