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Exquisite Nail Systems Brush On Activator
available in 1/2oz or 32oz size.this product is used to cure wrap gel or glue.drys fast.
Stock# 127A
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
Exquisite Nail Systems Activator Spray
available in 2oz,8oz or 32oz size.this pineapple scented product is used for curing resin or glue,dries fast.
Stock# 136
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
Isabel-Cristina Let's Go Spray Nail Glue Activator
No bubbles``No pitting``No heavy filing````The Professional Choice Accelerator. Isabel-Cristina Let's Go Spray Nail Glue Activator dries nail glue Instantly! No bubbles and no pitting of glues with no heavy filing necessary. Just Spray and buff. Works great with glazes and dip powders.`` ``Forms a non-porous surface. Low Odor and puts an end to pitting, bubbling and heavy filing. With Let's Go you just spray and buff for beautiful nails. Works with all types of nail glues, resins, silks, linens, fiberglass wraps, tips, gels and glazes.
Stock# 339a
Manufactured By:Isabel Cristina
$ 7.65
Star Nail Resin Activator
available in a 2oz bottle.used to activate and dry all resins or glues.
Stock# 339abc
Manufactured By:Star Nail
$ 13.50
Star Nail Cool Mint Brush On Activator
available in a 1/2oz or 2oz refill bottle.this cool mint activator product is used for activating or drying all wrap gels.
Stock# 339abcde
Manufactured By:Star Nail
$ 3.95
Strata Resin Set(Activator)
  comes in 2oz amber glass bottle with sprayer.
Stock# 3385
Manufactured By:Strata nail
$ 5.99
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