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Pure Vegetal Placental Extract
Has a high and significant activity in the stimulation of human fibroblast proliferation. As a result of its action on cell respiration, it maximizes exchanges between skin cells and their environment
Stock# 3289
Pure Witch Hazel Extract
Is used as an Astringent, and antiseptic circulatory stimulant.Use 1-3 drops in 1/2 oz basic gel,massage cream or botanical oils. May be blended into masks
Stock# 3290
Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Is used for a wide variety of skin aliments including ulcerations and fissures of the lips and hands. Used to treat skin disorders such as inflamed wounds and sores.Has antiseptic properties.
Stock# 3291
Pure Chamomila Recutita Extract
An anti-inflammatory,it is used in facial steams and compresses to reduce puffiness and soften skin. Helps relieve itching and insect bites.It is a soothing, refreshing emollient
Stock# 3292
Pure Ginkgo Extract
The leaves of this ancient tree have been rrecognized for their extraordinary antioxidant benefits.It is the oldest living tree, successfully withstanding the ravages of time and numerous environmental changes.Antibacterial, counteracts inflammation increases blood flow and is a vasodilator
Stock# 3293
Pure Spiruluna Extract
A blue green algae found in various water around the world.It is an exellent source of protein and phytonutrients.Its cosmetic uses for skin care result where high protein values are needed.
Stock# 3294
Pure Sodium PCA
A naturally ocurring component of human skin that is beleived to be partly responsible for its moisture biding capacity.It is highly water absorbing and a superior humectant.Used in moisturizers skin creams and anti wrinkle products to increase softness.Use 1-3 drops in 1/2 oz basic gel, massage cream or botanical oils.May be blended into masks.
Stock# 3296
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