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Ginseng And Pearl Modeling Mask
hydrating and softness,elegance and smoothness to all skin types.contains ginseng powder,pearl powder,sodium alginate,clay and rice starch.comes in a 2lbs bag.
Stock# 1113
$ 56.00
Dong Kwai Modeling Mask
improves metabolism and increases blood circulation.used for dry,dehydrated or mature skin.contains dong kwai root powder sodium alginate and rice starch.comes in a 2lbs bag.
Stock# 1114
$ 56.00
Seaweed Modeling Mask
rich in minerals and rare elements.regulates oil secretion and balances skin moisture.contains seaweed extracts,aloe vera and sodium alginate.comes in a 2lbs bag.
Stock# 1115
$ 56.00
Acne Cooling Modeling Mask
deep cleansing clarifying and soothing anti-inflammatory treatment for acne and sensitive skin.contains calamine,natural herbs,mint,sodium alginate,viginal,rice starch and aloe vera.comes in a 2lbs bag.
Stock# 1117
$ 56.00
Chamomile Modeling Mask
for sensitive and dry skin.comes in a 2lb bag.
Stock# 3061
$ 56.00
Lightening Modeling Mask
highly concentrated,natural skin whitening ingredients reduce epidermal hyperpigmentation and inhibit the process of melanin production.contains vitamin c,mulberry root powder,licorice,kojic acid,scutelluria root powder,sodium alginate and rice starch.comes in a 2lb bag.
Stock# 3062
$ 56.00
Ginko Biloba Modeling Mask
for couprose skin with gutukola.comes in 2lb bag.
Stock# 3063
$ 56.00
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