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Exquisite Nail Systems Quick Dry Topcoat
available in 1/2oz or 4oz bubble bottle w/brush.this topcoat protects polish longer than any other leading brands and can be used on natural and acrylic nails.dries all layers to a shiny lustrous finish.
Stock# 286T
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
Poshe Topcoat
available in 1/2oz or 2oz bottle.
Stock# 432
Exquisite Nail Systems UV Top Coat
available in 1/2oz or 4oz bottle.used under any uv and save to brand names.
Stock# 434
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
Out the Door Top Coat
available in 1/2oz, 2 1/2oz, 4oz bubble bottle or 16oz refill.
Stock# 435
Manufactured By:INM
Total Eclipse Top Coat
available in a 1/2oz or 2 1/2oz bottle.stops acrylic from yellowing.will not change color of polish.
Stock# 438
Manufactured By:INM
Orly Snap
available in .6oz or 4oz refill size.
Stock# 439
Manufactured By:Orly
Orly Sunscreen
available in .6oz bottle.
Stock# 441
Manufactured By:Orly
$ 5.00
Orly Wont Chip
available in .6oz bottle.
Stock# 442
Manufactured By:Orly
$ 5.00
Orly Nails for Males
available in .6oz bottle.
Stock# 443
Manufactured By:Orly
$ 5.00
NSI Airshield
available in a 1/2oz or 4oz size.
Stock# 445
Diamond Dry
available in a 1/2oz or 4oz refill.
Stock# 450
Manufactured By:Pro Linc
Zoom Ultra
available in a 6oz bottle.
Stock# 451
Manufactured By:Zoya
$ 9.99
China Glaze Freeze Dry
available in 1/2oz or 2oz bottle.this revolutionary formaldehyde and toluene-free formula blends the latest advances in nail care research to create the fastest nail lacquer dryer can actually feel the crisp icey sensation as it dries the lacquer within seconds.contains no alcohol or oils.perfect for both artificial and natural nails.great for pedicures.
Stock# 544
Manufactured By:Worldwide Cosmetics
Star Nail All In One Topcoat
available in 1/2oz or 4oz.
Stock# 544a
Manufactured By:Star Nail
Tammy Taylor Z-Coat
Available in a 1/2oz.non yellowing topcoat.your nail polish will shine like its wet.z-coat will keep your reds from fading and your french manicures from yellowing.z-coat actually smooths out streaks and bubbles in a formaldehyde no toluene no nitrocellulose.
Stock# 544ab
Manufactured By:Tammy Taylor
$ 7.50
OPI RapiDry Top Coat
available in 1/2oz bottle. RapiDry Quick-Dry Top Coat is formulated with OPI's proven Extended Wear Technology to dry nail lacquer and treatments fast for tough, long-lasting, non-yellowing shine in minutes! Shine, seal, and protect with one coat, pulling it over the tips of the nails to seal in color.
Stock# 555abcde
Manufactured By:OPI
$ 6.25
Northern Lights Silver Hologram Topcoat
available in 1/2oz.
Stock# 2058
Manufactured By:I.N.M.
$ 4.95
Orly Smudge Fixer
make a smudge in the nail by mistake,heres the smuge fixer over top to fix it.available in .6oz bottle.
Stock# 2059
Manufactured By:Orly
$ 5.00
OPI Chip Skip
available in 1/2oz bottle.
Stock# 3374
Manufactured By:OPI
$ 6.95
IBD Intense Seal
available in a 1/2oz bottle.Eliminates all buffing and reduces maintenance time, Delivers a mirror-glass finish that never fades or dulls, Leaves nail smooth and shiny. This 3 way buffer in a bottle seals and creates a smooth, permanently shiny surface to protect any artificial nail. Intense Seal prevent lifting by sealing the the cuticle area and protects nails against solvent attack and polish stains. Non-yellowing. Flawless mirror-glass finish. Use over any gel, acrylic or wrap to seal and protect.
Stock# 4105
Manufactured By:IBD
$ 13.95
Seche Vite Topcoat
available in a 1/2oz or 4oz refill drying topcoat.Acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Its patented formula allows it to penetrate to the base coat, forming a single, solid bond for a much more durable manicure which will not discolor or yellow.
Stock# 4186
Orly Glosser
available in .6oz bottle.This scientifically advanced formula gives nails a slick, wet-look topcoat as well as super protection. It's the only professional overglaze made with polyester for a high-shine.
Stock# 4918
Manufactured By:Orly
$ 5.00
CND Solarspeed Spray
available in 4oz & 32oz size.A fast nail enamel dryer with all the properties of SolarOil®.Draws solvents from nail enamel layers for a faster set. Naturally light oils keep skin soft and supple.Quickly and thoroughly dries nail enamel while super penetrating SolarOil® conditions nails and skin.
Stock# 4952
Manufactured By:CND
Hoof Laquer Topcoat
The "top coat" Secret of horse trainer Hi-Gloss, fast drying, durable finish, UV protectors.Apply as you would any top coat product onto natural nail or over nail polish.Size 0.5oz./ bottle.
Stock# 9133
Manufactured By:Gena
$ 1.99
Orly Flash Dry
available in a 6oz.The Orly Flash Dry Nail Polish Quick Dry Drops accelerate dry time on freshly polished nails while delivering brilliant shine. After using Orly Flash Dry Nail Polish Quick Dry, your nails are left glossy and protected.
Stock# 1900050
Manufactured By:Orly
$ 5.00
Orly No Bite
available in a .6oz bottle.No Bite is "a bitter flavored nail bite deterrent that helps break the annoying and often painful nail biting habit." I used it more for my cuticles than my nails, but the idea is the same. It looks like nail polish, and it smells (and tastes) like nail polish remover. Once you paint it on it seems to disappear, but then later when you mindlessly slip your finger in between your teeth you're greeted with a disgustingly awful flavor.
Stock# 1900052
Manufactured By:Orly
$ 5.00
Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator Drops
Available in 1oz. ``The original and patented nail polish drying drops that thoroughly dry all layers of top coat, nail polish and base coat to the touch in minutes.``````What Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator Does ````Say good bye to nail polish dents, bubbles, smudges and streaks on your tips and toes forever with Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator. Our patented combination of advanced silicates work by evaporating solvents from all layers of nail polish, dramatically accelerating drying time and fusing all layers together for better durability and longer polish wear. Manicures dry in five minutes, pedicures in 10 ; from base coat to top coat preventing any bubbles or dents. No more smudging, denting or streaking. ``````How to Use Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator ````Professional use: Following topcoat tilt nails downward and apply one to two drops at base of nail, let spread naturally. Home use: Follow professional instructions.
Stock# 70000139
Manufactured By:Qtica
$ 22.00
Orly Top 2 Bottom
The convenience of a topcoat and bond basecoat in one bottle.
Stock# 12000151
Manufactured By:Orly
CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat
VINYLUX is a two-step polish system consisting of VINYLUX Weekly Polish (featuring a built-in basecoat) and VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat that offers durable, high-shine and week-long wear. The top coat becomes more durable when exposed to natural light, ensuring no chipping or scratching for at least one week. VINYLUX dries in just eight and a half minutes. Plus VINYLUX colors perfectly match CND Shellac™ shades, making for easy CND Shellac touchups on the go and for pedicures that perfectly match CND Shellac manicures. Features and benefits: Durable, high-shine, week-long wear Built in base coat Becomes more durable when exposed to natural light Dries completely in eight and a half minutes Features 62 fashion-forward polish colors – including over 30 colors that match popular CND Shellac shades.
Stock# 28401
Manufactured By: CND
$ 5.25
Is a sealer top gel designed to create the ultimate finish with your GELISH Soak Off Gel Polish. TOP IT OFF creates a high shine that will not dull, chip or peel from the GELISH Soak Off Gel Polish. TOP IT OFF is a soak off gel product that can quickly be removed with Soak Off Gel Remover. GELISH TOP IT OFF cures in 30 seconds in a LED Light or 2 minutes in a UV Light.
Stock# 28402
Manufactured By:Harmony
$ 15.95
Long Lasting Top Coat``
Stock# 555612
Manufactured By: Essie
$ 17.50
CND-Shellac UV Top Coat
WHAT IT IS: A UV-cured top coat featuring UV3 technology designed specifically for use with the Shellac UV Color Coat System: - On like polish - Wears like gel - Off in minutes WHAT IT DOES: • Provides a hard, scratch-resistant, mirror finish to nails. • Provides the final step to the Shellac system to seal and protect. WHY YOU NEED IT: • Provides a revolutionary new, hybrid color service for nails. • Provides 14-day wear.
Stock# 556150
Manufactured By: CND
CND Brisa Gloss Gel Topcoat
WHAT IT IS:````A high-gloss UV light-cured gel top coat.```` ````WHAT IT DOES:````Provides a durable, shiny finish that seals and protects gel enhancements.````WHY YOU NEED IT:````Shine: Superior high-gloss finish for gel enhancements.``Available in a .5oz
Stock# 556828
Manufactured By: CND
$ 19.75
CND Brisa Lite Removable Top Coat
CND Brisa Lite Top Coat prepares nail for Brisa Lite Smoothing or Sculpting Gels with one thin layer. Easily removes with Nourishing Remover. Seals and protects Brisa Lite removable gels for 3 weeks with a durable, high-gloss finish. * Requires NO FILING of the natural nail * Advanced adhesion * Workability allows 5 finger cure Available in a .5oz
Stock# 556832
Manufactured By: CND
$ 25.00
Demert Nail Enamel Dryer Finishing Spray
Reduces drying time on natural and artificial nails. It contains di-panthenol, organic protein, and mink oil to create fast-drying, non-smearing manicures while conditioning both cuticles and nails. Protects your manicure, dries your polish to a hard finish and leaves your cuticles nourished. 7.5 oz.``PLEASE NOTE:WHEN SHIPPING BY AIR OR INTERNATIONAL THIS CANNOT BE SHIPPED.
Stock# 5571000525
Manufactured By:Demert
$ 3.35
Opi Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops
Drip Dry lacquer drying drops is so easy to use! Apply 1 to 2 drop of Drip Dry with the convenient dropper. Polish is dry to the touch in 1 minute,and it treats cuticles to a soothing dose of jojoba and vitamin E.
Stock# 5571000526
Manufactured By:OPI
OPI Infinite Shine GLOSS Top Coat
Stock# 55710001185
Manufactured By:OPI
$ 6.25
OPI RapiDry Spray Nail Polish Dryer
RapiDry Spray Nail Polish Dryer by OPI gives nail lacquer a smooth, smudge-proof finish in minutes. Great for restoring shine between manicures.
Stock# 557300092
Manufactured By:OPI
Essie Good To Go Top Coat
Don't let your mani cause you despair! essie good to go top coat provides the perfect finish for freshly applied nail color without the wait. just let the formula do all the work: the fast-acting drying agent sets nails in a flash.``Sets nail color in seconds``Perfect polished manicure``Brilliant shine.
Stock# 12000879
Manufactured By:Essie
GELISH Matte Top It Off
Stock# 120001069
Manufactured By:Harmony
$ 15.95
CND Shellac XPRESS5 Top Coat
CND Shellac XPRESS5 Top Coat````1 - Effortless, glide-on application``2 - 14+ days of high-performance wear``3 - Stunning crystal shine``4 - Incredible 5 minute removal (REALLY!)``5 - NO damage to nails
Stock# 693520
Manufactured By: CND
Wet Glaze
The best finale to any manicure or pedicure by providing an incredible shine and wet look to the nails.2.5oz bubble bottle w/brush
Stock# 1619
Manufactured By: Pro Nail
$ 4.50
An amazing finish to any manicure. Creates a fun and youthful appearance to your nails by adding gloss in addition to preventing the nail from yellowing.
Stock# 1621
Manufactured By: Pro Nail
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