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NSI Perma Gloss
available in 1/2oz container.delivers a permanent wet look finish saves time as it replaces medium and fine buffing.non-yellowing for the perfect acrylic french manicure look.stops lifting as it seals and waterproofs.cures in two minutes with anu UV gel lamp.easy polish style application.spreads easily and self levels.
Stock# 137
Manufactured By:NSI
NSI Perma Gloss Prep
1/4oz;an acid-free prep that interfaces with the acrylic nail surface promoting a perfect Perma Gloss bond.stays tacky after preparation for mistake proof Perma Gloss application.
Stock# 138
Manufactured By:NSI
$ 12.95
Exquisite Nail Systems Tackless Sealant (For Acrylic & UV Gel)
available in a 1/2oz container.seals any U.V.Gel Or tacky residue.wont chip,peel or lift.leaves high gloss finish.
Stock# 4946
Manufactured By:Exquisite Nail Systems
Click Here For Tackless Sealant Directions
$ 9.95
Glaze n Go Tack Free UV Gel & Acrylic Sealant
available in a 1/2oz bottle.Brushes on smooth, like polish, for a radiant, tack-free finish.``* Provides a long-lasting, scratch-resistant high gloss shine that cures in 90 seconds with any 9-watt UV lamp``* Reduces filing and buffing time``* Suitable for use over any gel, acrylic.
Stock# 8070725
Manufactured By:NSI
$ 12.95
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