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Natural Muslin Epilating Strips
available in 100 pak, medium(2 x 4.5)strips in 100 pak,or large (3 x 9) in 100 pak.use with wax to gently remove all unwanted hair.
Stock# 605
Muslin Rolls
available in 2.5 x 100 yard roll or 3.5 x 40 yard roll-used with wax to remove unwanted hair.3.5x40 yard roll is primarily used on wider part of the body such as legs etc...
Stock# 606
Non Woven Pellon Strips
this non woven heavy gauge custom cut pellon for removing unwanted hair.available in Small Strips-(1 x 3) For Face(100),Medium Strips-(2 x 4.5) For Body(100) & Large Strips(3 x 9)For Legs(100).
Stock# 612BM
Fantasea Non Woven Pellon Roll
size 3.5 x 40 yard roll.this non woven heavy gauge roll is designed to be customized in lengths,sizes or width to effectively remove hair on any area of the body.
Stock# 4041
$ 9.95
Intrinsics Non-Woven Pellon Waxing Roll 3
Strong, high-quality pellon material does not stretch or tear, ensuring a precise and clean waxing service. This is a non-woven, soft waxing roll that works with any type of depilatory system.Use for facial or body waxing. 3"W x 100 yards.
Stock# 5571000210
Manufactured By: Intrinsics
$ 22.50
Gigi Natural Muslin Epilating Roll
GiGi Natural Muslin Epilating Roll combines a fine grade texture for maximum wax absorption with an aesthetically-pleasing, clean appeal.
Stock# 5571000211
Manufactured By: GiGi
L'orbette Bleached Muslin Roll
Economically priced ``Bleached muslin ``Residue-free ``Cut roll to desired length
Stock# 5571000212
Manufactured By: L'orbette
Gigi Large Non Woven Epilating Strips
100 pack. An economical alternative to Muslin Strips, GiGi Cloth Epilating Strips feature a non-woven design for use with all soft waxes. Each package contains 100 Strips. Strips measure 3" x 9".
Stock# 5572022
Manufactured By:GiGi
$ 8.95
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